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Richard Trevithick and his invention

No description

Carter May

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Richard Trevithick and his invention

Richard Trevithick Inventor of the first steam powered locomotive Background Info -Richard was educated at Camborne School but he was more interested in sports then education -Trevithick started working in the Wheal Treasury mine Born to a Cornish miner captain in 1771 Of Richard Trevithick Born April 13 Was born into a poor family -People gave him the nickname the cornish giant Richard was also known as being one of the best wrestlers in Cornwall -Trevithick then took up an interest in engineering where he came up with the idea for a steam powered locomotive -After improving the Bull steam engine he was promoted to the Ding Dong mine Inventions that Richard
Trevithick created -Richard only created one invention that I know of and that was the steam powered locomotive he did assist in others like the Bull Steam engine though - Richard never actually got the steam powered locomotive to work until he was sponsored by the owner of Penydarren - Richard Trevithicks first
created a miniature locomotive
and it worked - Hot water was poured into the boiler and a red hot iron was put in a tube underneath thus causing steam and the engine started up Trevithick's invention - One of the biggest challenges Richard faced was that once he made the locomotive it was to heavy on the tracks so it couldn't run Trevithick tried so many
things to make his invention work but to no progress the same thing happened every time Challenges the Richard faced Richard biggest help to
society was the steam powered engine Richard also benefited with
the first railway to support steam powered locomotives
since none of the other rails could How Trevithick's invention benefited to society It helped railways and engines, it also saved power and coal since it required none of those supplies Facts Richard died April 22 1833 do to poverty His invention is considered one of the first tramways He built the first locomotive on the 21st of February 1804 Question time Question 1 Richard was born on
April 13 1771 When was Richard born Question 2 Richard invented the first
steam powered locomotive . What did Richard invent Question 3 Richard died
April 22 1833 When did Richard die Question 4 False True or False Richards last name in
is Rana Richards last name is Trevithick FINAL QUESTION..... Question 5 Richards invention was
considered the first ______ Richards invention was
considered the first
Tramway Born in Illogan Cornwall He was very strong and reached up to the height of 6 foot 3inches by the age of 17 References en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Richard_Trevithick www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RAtrevithick.htm inventors.about.com/library/inventors/
blrailroad8.htm THAT FINISHES MY
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