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!!Likes and dislikes of technology!!

No description

Kimberly Fannan

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of !!Likes and dislikes of technology!!

!!good!! Phones are something good that the technology has is there are a lot of different types of them. Also there are touch screens and slid ones.The have changed so much over time. With computers looking up information is a lot easier then going through a lot of books and trying to search through the whole thing.Also you can find pictures a lot faster. There are plenty of things to entertain you also. By: Kimberly Fannan Likes and Dislikes of technology! Something good is that with an iPod is you can listen to music, go online, take a lot of pictures with it and face time with other people. pp With the technology now a days it is much easier to talk people and get a hold of people much faster. Also you can now get places much quicker and more efficient then before. the old now a days
future cars. !!bad!! something bad about technology is that the cars now a days overheat also they are made mostly out of aluminum. The methane that comes out of the exhaust.it catches on fire really easily. You could have an explosion. The computers slow down very fast and freeze a lot when you have storage on them. For a phone sometimes you get really bad service also your messages don't always send right. With the all the technology we have people depend on it to much and use all the short cuts to get their things done that they need to.
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