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The White Doe

No description

Emily Orenstein

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of The White Doe

Francesco Petrarca
The White Doe
Francesco Petrarca was called the greatest poet of Italy of the Fourteenth Century
Born in 1304
He traveled a lot
Studied law
He first saw the love of his life, Laura in 1327
The Author
A white doe in the forest appeared with two antlers of gold in the cold morning

She looked so innocent, I stopped and followed her like I was looking for treasure

Around her neck was a topaz stone that said, "Don't touch me, I am now free."

It had become night time and I could not see the white doe anymore
"A pure white doe in an emerald glade"
"two antlers of gold"
"Already toward noon had climbed the sun"
The doe represents Laura
Figurative Devices
The White Doe could represent the love of his life, Laura
The White could be how he sees Laura: majestic and beautiful, yet untouchable.
"Like the mise who looking for his treasure
Sweetens with that delight his bitterness" (7-8)
He is in awe of the doe's beauty.
Laura was thought to be the Laura de Noyes who was married to Hugues de Sado
1. What or whom does the doe represent? What is this called? (What literary term)

The doe represents his love, Laura. This is an example of an allegory.
2. Identify 2 visual images in the octave.

Line 1 and 2: "A pure-white doe in an emerald glade. Appeared to me, with two antlers of gold."
Line 9 and 10: " Around her lovely neck "Do not touch me" was written with topaz and diamond stone..."

3. What Petrarchan characteristics are present?

His own thoughts

4. In the poem which details of time does the speaker mention?

"At sunrise" (Line 4)
"Already toward noon had climbed the sun." (Line 12)
5. What do you think these references to time mean? Explain.

In the nighttime could be a reference to Laura's death
His love for Laura
is unreachable and so is the white doe
"My weary eyes we not sated to see,
When I fell in the stream and she was gone"

-This shifts from when he's giving a description as he's admiring her to her being gone in a split second from his mistake of falling in the water.
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