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Global Impact Project

Project Linus

Sophia Schwob

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Global Impact Project

Project Linus
The Sunshine Crew
James, Joshua, David, Bennett, Sophia, Gianna
Their Story
An article called "Joy To The World" appeared in the 1995 Parade Magazine,it included a picture of a little girl holding her security blanket.This small child under went chemotherapy. The blanket helped to comfort her. This article inspired Karen Loucks to help other children. Project Linus was born.
*Our mission is to provide love and sence of security from homemade blankets to the children in need.
*To provide a rewarding and fun opportunity for intrested volunteers.
How you can help
You can make a blanket and donate it to your local Project Linus chapter. They will take your blanket to a facility where it will be given to a deserving child.
Where it's located
Our main facility is in Bloomington,Illinois. But we have many chapters around the country. There are 308 chapters throughout the United States who have provided over 5.5 million blankets to children since 1995.
What we're doing to help
We are donating blankets for children in the hospital to make their stay more enjoyable,
"cozy ", and to make them feel safe.
If you were going to make your own blanket to donate they are looking for crib size and blankets for teens. They prefer homemade blankets but accept store bought blankets. The crib size is 30x 30, and the regular is 40x 60.
Here are the ones we made.
Project Linus Video
Sam's Story
Please pass along our deepest thanks to your blanket-teers. It is such a blessing for him to enjoy a soft new blanket and not a hand-me-down from his 5 older siblings! Sam spends the majority of his time
sleeping so this is perfect to snuggle with. We will treasure this gift forever.
Twin Cities Chapter
Our chapter is the Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter. You can bring in blankets at any time, and they also have dates that volunteers come in and help put tags on the blankets.
Why we chose this organzation
Making blankets is fun and we enjoy giving something from the heart and giving more than just money.
GTCA Blanket Donations
From 2008-2015 there has been over 30,000 blankets donated.
Club Linus Workshops and West End Blanketeers
The GTCA collects blankets from volunteers to drop them off at one of their drop-off site. Once recieved, they are inspected at our Club Linus Working meetings or the West End Blanketeer shop. They are then labeled and packed in large plastic bags for delivering. They are delivered to one of the 27 hospitals, shelters, and facilities.
Questions and Comments
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