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Our Project Old

The Legosauruses 2014 FLL World Class Innovative Solution

The Legosauruses

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Our Project Old

How can we accommodate different students' learning styles through engaging and interactive technology?
Our Idea
Our idea is an online framework that allows teachers to edit a curriculum by selecting content objectives (ex. "Learn the Pythagorean theorem", "Learn about the pH scale") and assigning them to days. The sytem learns about each student, so they receive content that is at their level and targeted to their learning style. As students learn they are automatically tested with real-world problems. Games and hands-on activities will help keep students engaged. Students will also given real-world challenges and hands-on projects to give them authentic experience as well challenge them academically.
Our system will use exciting new technologies to engage students.
Many schools say that they do not use technology because it is too expensive. In fact, 63% of teachers say that budget is the biggest barrier to getting technology in the classroom. But technology actually saves schools money. Schools no longer have to pay for expensive textbooks that soon become out of date with current standards. With technology, teachers can quickly access free online resources . Technology can be easily updated to meet current standards. There are a wide variety of of free programs online that allow students to make presentations, work on reports, and do research. Our system would work with existing hardware as well as off the shelf hardware that can be obtained at a low cost. Our system could also work with eisting content availible online.
Sharing Our Idea
We have published our ideas online by creating a website and by this Prezi and our report publicly on our website. We have also shared our ideas with the educators that we interveiwed.

Check it out!
The Legosauruses
Team #9647
Our Project
We decided to focus on educational technology because it has been shown to dramatically improve education. 73% of teachers say that educational technology helps them address learning styles in the classroom. An analysis of the 2006 PISA science exam even showed a positive relationship between high exam scores and student computer use! Technology is an exciting new way to reach every student.

Our solution will incorporate all these these advantages into one cohesive and easy to use system.
Thank You!
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