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Family Guy


Larry bird

on 2 November 2009

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Transcript of Family Guy

Family Guy !!! family guy is so amazing it is so funny o my god i crack up everytime i watch them it really is so funny li mean the charters are so well made up !!! thier are 5 family members in the family guy
family thier is Stiwie the baby Meg the daugter Brian the pet dog Peter the father an Cris the son an Lowis the mother yo what up its Stewie my personal opinion is that he the best charter on here he is so
funny an his charter is just funny the wy he is always trying to kill everyone an how he is so violent . Click here right here or
you will not live long Peter is the fat guy in the family he is real funny an kinda retarted in alot of the ways i think a more proper way to say it is he is the Turkey of the family. brian is the alcholic of the group he
is always drinken on the show
he is kinda abusive sometimes stewie is the demon of the
hole family he is determined
to kill his mom i do not no why
he wants to i guess he dosnt like her

Meg is the depressed girl in the family she is
always thinks she is ugly or fat an always
worried about what other people
think of her . well if you are reading this it mean it worked an it
means i am smart hahaha what now so yea i hoped you liked my thing i love family guy a whole lot well this was made by Taylor Kemp 1992 - 2060 he died a very happy man
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