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No description

Poch Antiporda

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Pedophilia

with Poch Antiporda

Isolation from society
Therapy (Talk and Cognitive Behavior Therapies)
Medication (Depo-Provera lowers testosterone and libido levels)
What is Pedophilia?
Psychosexual disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child of the same or the opposite sex. - Britannica
Some fun pedophile facts
9/10 of pedophiles are males
Philippines is known to be a pedophile haven
One of the worst cases involved 103 children.
Around 200 priests in the Philippines are pedophiles
A Pedophile
At least 16 years old and 5 years older than the child in the center of that individual's sexual fantasies/activities.
Has low self-esteem and usually unable to find satisfaction in adult sexual relationships.
Associated with sexual abuse or neglect experienced during childhood and with stunted emotional or psychological development.
Lacks compassion for their victims and expresses no repentance for their actions

Pedophiles think that....
what they do is okay because it educates their victims and gives them pleasure at the same time.
their victims are the ones who come on to them.
their victims are in love with them also
everything their victims do convey to the victim's interest and eternal devotion for the pedophile.
Any form of resistance is punished violently
Isolated from school, family and peers to be solely dependent on the pedophile
"America's Worst Pedophile"
Name: Earl Bradley
Occupation: Pediatrician
Age: 59
Victims: 103 (6 months - 13 year olds)

MRI (Abnormalities in the brain, irregular frontal lobe, low white matter.)
IQ test
Has a thing for kids...sexually
Thank You!!
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