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Exploring poetry and identity in a language learning environment: Tara McIlroy

Research has suggested that learning a language develops a multilingual identity (Kramsch, 2009) and can be a life-changing experience (Hanauer, 2010). The use of literary texts shttp://rilsle.org/2013/05/30/bag-lunch-seminar-wednesday-june-5th-2013/

tara mcilroy

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Exploring poetry and identity in a language learning environment: Tara McIlroy

In a language learning environment Exploring poetry and identity Teacher survey Connecting poetry and identity MacRae (1994)
Showalter (2003)
Kramsch (2009)
Hanauer (2010) Culture, Language, Personal Development (CLPD) Model

(Carter & Long, 1991) Testing the CLPD Model Tara McIlroy Poetry in ELT: why, what and how? Student Survey Teacher interviews
6 ELI teachers

1 member of ELI management

semi-structured interview

Analysis using qualitative tool (HyperRESEARCH) Personal development Language development warm ups
free writes
reading activities
class discussions
gap fill tasks
pronunciation activities
workshop tasks Shel Silverstein
Spike Milligan
William Carlos Williams
E.E. Cummings
Langston Hughes
Dr Suess
Alicia Keys Cultural development How? Results & discussion Interest in poetry Interested to learn culture & language Little experience in class Credits/Thanks to.... McIlroy, T. (2013) What teachers talk about when they talk about poetry. Journal of Literature in Language Teaching: Vol. 2, Issue 1.

http://tinyurl.com/lmrc8as Curriculum design


Teacher reflection ELI teachers



HyperRESEARCH.com "I think poety opens up the crucial relationship between language and culture.... Vocabulary changes its meaning according to its context."
ELI Management Why poetry? What poetry? Want to find out more? "The themes in good literature are about a shared human experience." Beyond language, it`s about being retrospective. Being able to look at these poems, a look at the themes...and take something away on a personal level. I say that as an ultimate goal of art in general. "It`s not about translating. It`s about interpreting. That skill is about using language." References

Carter, R. & Long, M (1991). Teaching literature. Essex, UK: Longman.
Hanauer, D. (2010). Meaningful literacy: writing poetry in the language classroom. Language Teaching, 45, p. 105-115.
Kramsch, C. (2009). The multilingual subject. Oxford, UK. Oxford university press.
MacRae, J. (1994) Literature with a small `l`. London, England: Macmillan.
Showalter, E. (2003) Teaching literature. UK: Wiley-Blackman. 28 Items 28 Items 48 Items Post-CLPD: What else matters?
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