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Lesson 1. Human resource

Introduction to the MBA Class - MIP School of Management 2011-2012

Luca Solari

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 1. Human resource

Human resources
HRM comprises a set of policies designed to maximize organizational integration, employee commitment, flexibility and quality of work. (Guest, 1987)
What is HRM?
Luca Solari, PhD at Bocconi U., Professor of Organization theory, University of Milan & Professor of Human Resouce Management, MIP School of Managament.
Researcher, thinker, challenger. Blogger as Corporate Sense Maker
About me
It's all about process
Lesson 1
My goal for the class
My expectations
The Class
Basic information
In groups of 5 define the three most important goals of the HR function according to your experience
Write each one of them on a separate Post-it
You'll be asked to position them on the wall so that they are similar to the others
Defining HR & its goals
How should Potter have gone about leading and managing the change process?
Northlands Ledger (A)
How does HR interact with business?
Line Managers vs HR role
Jay Gabraith Model
selection of employees
assessment and reward of performance
design of work
strategic human capital planning
To be continued...
HRM is undergoing major change
HRM is something I can be held accountable for, at least partially
Successful companies develop successful HRM processes
Any management role requires understanding and command of basic HRM practices and principles
Key take aways
Topic: Strategic Human Resource Management
Case: Sonoco (A)
What was happening to the packaging industry? How will these changes impact Sonoco's strategy?
What are Sonoco's current strengths in terms of its culture and people? What are the company's major weaknesses?
What were Cindy Hartley's objectives for changes at Sonoco?
How successful were the HR changes at Sonoco? Was the sequence of changes the right one?
What is the right HR structure for Sonoco - centralization or hybrid? Why? Evaluate different options (pros and cons)
Will changes be sustained? What should Cindy Hartley attend to next?
HRM defines the architecture: i.e. rules, procedures, tools and logics to be used by line managers
Line managers: adapt the architecture to business needs and individual characteristics
Line Managers vs HR role
What are the differences in the approach to customers of the Sun Belt City Star vs. Northlands Ledger?
Potter could simply order people at the Ledger to copy the customer-focused performances of the Star. What might have happened if he pursued this approach?
In what ways should Potter have changed the organization design of the Ledger to ensure better customer focus?
Read materials in advance
Participate to class discussion without overwhelming others
Share personal experiences and readings with others
Be proactive
Show in class late
Abandon class earlier with no valid excuse
Use smartphones/ computer to do other stuff
Read materials for other classes
Act unpolitely to class and / or instructor
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