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Change Management & Communication

No description

Nicole Perkins

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Change Management & Communication

"RIDING THE WAVE OF CHANGE" Power Structures Formal Change Management Plan The Mechanistic Model Potential influences of the corporate culture on employee behavior? TEAM A

JOE Riordan Mfg. has been operating using a disparate combination of physical archives (filing cabinets), microfiche files, and individual data bases. To deliver better value to the customer, Riordan Mfg. is launching a consolidated CRM system.
This presentation will:

Outline a plan to assess and mitigate organizational impacts

Designate procedures for managing employee notification and feedback during CRM system training and implementation Informal Effects of Formalization on Employee Behavior Minimum amount of discretion over what, when, and how to do it.

Clearly defined procedures covering work processes Resistance to Change 1. Sources of resistance to change

● Fear of the unknown (individual)
● Habit (individual)
● Threat to expertise (organizational)

2. Strategies to manage resistance to change
Implementing changes fairly Recommended strategy
Communication amongst all levels
Staff meetings

Evaluating success or failure
Surveys Video-Conferencing / Webinar
Meet with employees at different locations
Live audio and video streaming
Interaction between sender and receiver
Able to hear senders tone of voice and view body language Communication Channel Communication Barriers Filtering
Selective perception
Information overload
Culture & Gender Riordan Manufacturing Change Message
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