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The History of Thanksgiving

No description

Kyrie Mcdevitt

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The History of Thanksgiving

The history of thanksgiving
By Haylee Baugh and Kyrie McDevitt

4.) Was pilgrim food bland and dull as one might imagine? Name a couple spices that they might have used to spice up their food.
10.) Did the Pilgrims only wear black and white clothing as indicated by our history books ? What did they wear ?
5.) In the pilgrim household when the adults sat down to eat they were served by whom?
answer: Children and servants waited on them.
6.) What was the pilgrims biggest meal of the day?
answer: lunch
8.) Did the Wampanoag Indians eat at specific times of the day?
answer: No.
1.) what was the name of the native american group that ate the first thanksgiving dinner with the first early colonists known as pilgrims?
Answer: The Wampanoag Indians .
3.) Pilgrims didn't use forks at the time, instead they ate with what?
answer: Fingers, spoons and knifes
2.) What was the year of that first harvest feast known as thanksgiving?
answer : 1621
7.) What did they call lunch in those days?
answer: Dinner
Answer: They likely used cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger in their cooking.
9.) Did the pilgrims have thanksgiving every year?
answer: NO
11.) What state or area were the Pilgrims initially trying to reach?
answer: No . They actually they wore colorful clothing .
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