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Competence development with iPads: to meet new technological challenges in the digital future

Short paper presentation at LILAC conference 2013 in Manchester. Linda Grandsjo and Ellen Fall, Lund University, Social Sciences Faculty Library.

Linda Grandsjö

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Competence development with iPads: to meet new technological challenges in the digital future

Get management on board
Allow for course to take time
Assign course leaders Create higher quality in information literacy training and reference work

Provide the possibility to improve everyone's personal working habits

Enhance the collaboration on the use of tablets within the staff Course objectives Course goals Introduction

Module 1 Orientation by play

Module 2 E-books and e-reading

Module 3 Working tools
- presenting
- lectures/films
- information searching
- reference management

Module 4 Monitoring using social media

Module 5 Lund University e-books

Modul 6 Document management and sharing Modules
Tablets as Tools-project
One iPad each
Designated course leaders
One hour allotted per week Background and premises Learning organization Team learning Systems thinking Try this at home? Outcomes
Increased knowledge
Increased self confidence
Mutual frame of reference
Relate to our digital reality
Synergy effects Personal mastery Shared vision Mental models Social Sciences Faculty Library
Ellen Fall & Linda Grandsjö

Further information about the Tablets as Tools project: http://www.sambib.lu.se/in_english/about_the_library/tablets_as_tools/ Future skills of IL professionals Teamwork Communication Proactive approach Up-to-date with new technologies Make new technologies professionally useful Openness to change Information management Competence development with iPads
to meet new technological challenges in the digital future
Be more confident in the use of tablets

Knowledge about how apps work, how to find them and how to evaluate them

Have a general overview of useful apps within relevant subject fields Motivated

Finally get the chance to learn
Save time & enhance efficiency
Hopes for personal development Set up Reflections Concrete
Experience Reflective
Observation Abstract
Conceptualisation Active
Experimentation Progression A common ground Assignments based on actual work tasks Flexibility Everyone at the same time Explorative Continuous evaluation Learning from each other / together Play Attitudes and expectations Doubting

Relevant for work?
Time consuming?
Lack in confidence - too hard for me? iPad a new device to the majority Relate to users point of view Share knowledge and reflect on learning Find apps and evaluate their usability for daily tasks How? blog
published as we went along
questionnaires Learning by...
problem solving
real situations
practical application "Learning cycle"
(Kolb, 1984) (Olander, 2010 ; Partridge et. al. 2010) Interpersonal skills Change management Customer service skills Language Read and evaluate trends Adaptive Active learner Leadership Marketing Multitasking References

Kolb, David A., 1984. Experiential learning: experience as the source of learning and Development.
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Inc.
Olander, Birgitta, 2010. “Shaping the Information Professional of the Future”, Evidence based library
and information practice, 5(1)
Partridge, Helen, Menzies, Victoria, Lee, Julie & Munro, Carrie, 2010. "The contemporary librarian: Skills, knowledge
and attributes required in a world of emerging technologies". Library & Information Science Research, 32, 4, pp. 265-271
Senge, Peter M., 1990. The fifth discipline: the art and practice of the learning organization. 1. ed.
New York: Doubleday/Currency Educating Ellen Fall & Linda Grandsjö
Social Sciences Faculty Library (Senge,1990) Deadlines Blog as archive/support Play and have fun! Time Choose level of ambition Positive attitude towards e-books Promote e-books
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