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Student attendance using (RFID)

No description

Nora Sarhan

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Student attendance using (RFID)

Automated Student attendance using (RFID)
The existing system
Disadvantages of the existing system
Advantages of proposed system
* Ease of Use.
*To save time of teacher’s works.
* Increase security.
* Tracking the performance and attendance of students.

The proposed system
* This project proposes an automated student attendance system based on RFID technique.

* The main idea behind the system is to capture student attendance ....
* Academic attendance register is important tool in the process of education which determine students’ performance.

* In our project, we attempt to solve recurrent lecture attendance monitoring problem using RFID technology.

The existing method of taking attendance students by traditional way.

* the current system lacks of automation, insecure and inefficient .
* The time unnecessarily wasted by the students and Lecturer.

* Some students may mistakenly or purposely signed another student's name.

* The attendance sheet may got lost
Disadvantages of proposed system
*System errors.
*Damages on the smart cards .
*Lack of awareness the students in the system.
Work of the system
* The Complete RFID system comprises of four main parts, namely RFID Tag, RFID Reader, Computer host and Database.
Automated Student attendance using (RFID)
Complete RFID block diagram
the mechanism of the system
1. Lecturer: get the student attendance automatically by using RFID hardware device and have a full report saved in the database about whole student which help to
evaluate the student depend on his attendance record rapidly.
2. Student: using Contactless smart cards (tag) and register his attendance automatically, without need to write his name on the paper.
3. RFID Device: is a hardware that get the signal for student tag and send it to the
PC by using MAX232 serial communication IC, after that the software receive the student Identity Number (ID) and add it to the database with attendance time.
Project Context
*Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology similar in theory to bar code identification.
*The basic RFID system consists of two main components:
reader and Tags.
*The RFID reader
is also called an interrogator or an initiator. It is a device that continuously propagates RF signals and waits for a tag to response.

also called transponders, are just basically a microchip with an antenna.
RFID Reader and Tag
Work of the system
Work of the system
Work of the system
presented By:

Lama Abdulaziz Alshagrood
Ghadah Mohammed Althobit
Areej yahya Asiri
Nora Abdulmohsen salim
Hardware Requirement
*RFID Reader Module.
*MAX232 Module.
*DB9 Cable.
Software requirement:
-A computer processor speed of at least 1.6 GHz.

- Memory storage capacity of more than 80 GB.

- Temporary memory (RAM) capacity more than 1 GB.

- Optical drive CD-ROM to installing the software and program language.

We hope the university administration to apply this system to keep up with technology.
Thank you for your attention

- Operating system such as: Windows 7.

- Program Language such as: VB.Net, Matlab and Micro C.

- Microsoft office application: MS Word, MS PowerPoint.

Software requirement:
Project Background
*To avoid the other student to sign attendance.
*To improve to a better attendance ratio.
*To make it more efficient.

Advantages of proposed system
flow chart for student attendance management system
By using this system it will make the attendance system became more easily to use it.
We can conclude that using RFID system will help us to reduce work, became a better student attendance management and less administrative work.
Automated Student attendance using (RFID)
Testing is the process of evaluation a software item to detect differences between given input and expected output.

Level of Testing :
1- Unit testing
2- Integration testing
3- Validation testing
4-• System testing:

Test Team Members :
• Professional testers.
• Analysts.
• System designers.
• Configuration management specialists.
• Users.

Table design.
Main Form of Student Attendance System.
Add New Student window
Attendance System Screen
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