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CWRU SODM Suggestions Effective Evaluations

Suggestions for writing letters of evaluation for competitive applicants to CWRU School of Dental Medicine. Use the arrows to move through the presentation.

Emil Chuck

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of CWRU SODM Suggestions Effective Evaluations

A presentation for applicants and evaluators by
the Office of Admissions, School of Dental Medicine,
Case Western Reserve University

Suggestions for effective
letters of evaluation

Mission of CWRU SODM
Guidelines for letters of evaluation
The Mission of Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine is to provide outstanding programs in oral health education, patient care, focused research and scholarship, and service that are of value to our constituents. We will accomplish this in an environment that fosters collegiality and professionalism and enables a diverse group of students to become competent practitioners of dentistry and contribute to the health and well-being of individuals and populations.
Applicant competencies
Communications skills
Characteristics for
effective evaluations
If the applicant has access to a prehealth advisor or committee evaluation process, the Admissions Committee expects that evaluation to be included in the applicant's file.
Sources of evaluation
Self-management: Integrity
Receiving evaluations
Use the AADSAS portal to upload evaluations.
Over 2500 applicants apply to CWRU School of Dental Medicine annually, and each application includes at least 2 letters supporting the applicants.
The target audience for this presentation includes the applicants, their evaluators, and their advisors who wish to help the applicants improve their standing with our admissions committee.
Competency defined by CWRU SODM
A competency is that level of foundation knowledge, clinical skills, experiences, and values that are necessary for students of dentistry to have acquired as they make the transition from a supervised educational program to the independent practice of general dentistry.
Self-management skills
Interpersonal skills
Service toward others
Leadership potential
Analytical problem-solving
Curiosity and initiative
Fine manual dexterity
Knowledge of dentistry/health care
Anticipated role at Case SODM
If the applicant's prehealth advisor compiles reference letters into a single document (i.e., composite letter/packet), two of these supporting letters must come from science, math, or engineering professors.
In the absence of a prehealth advisor or committee evaluation process, the applicant must provide letters of evaluation from two science, math, or engineering professors.
We welcome letters of evaluation from dentists or supervisors who are the applicant's mentors.
How invested is the reference in the applicant's professional success?
How does the reference describe specific, professional observations of the applicant? What was the context and how did the applicant reflect on these situations?
Does the reference use innovative practices that showcase the applicant's success in an actively engaged team-oriented environment? How does the applicant perform when it comes to the desired learning outcomes/competencies of the class or productivity outcomes of a team?
How does the reference describe the applicant's abilities to learn from difficult situations?
Is the letter written in confidence?
How involved is the applicant with a ethics review board?
How has the applicant handled situations where classmates are cheating/plagiarizing?
When has the applicant formally lectured others on the importance of academic integrity?
How is academic integrity a cultural value at the applicant's institution?
Prehealth advisors should contact the Office of Admissions by email if an evaluation packet will be delivered later than August 1.
We strongly prefer FERPA-waived letters.
Letters will only be considered if they are signed, dated, and have official logos indicating institutional authenticity.
Supplemental letters may be sent directly to the Office of Admissions only after the candidate has interviewed.
Prehealth advisors may include their current NAAHP membership number for authenticity.
Contact us
Office of Admissions
CWRU School of Dental Medicine
Tw @CaseDentAdmit
Admissions CWRU School of Dental Medicine
Emil Chuck, Ph.D., Director
Brian Sherman, Assistant Director
Fine manual dexterity
Has the applicant learned (continued to learn) these skills as a hobby, in class, for employment or to support a business?
Does the applicant teach the skills that he/she has mastered that require fine manual dexterity?
What other instructors or mentors has the applicant studied under to improve his/her skills?
Does the applicant self-reflect on his/her learning as these skills are perfected?
What is the applicant's most frustrating project?
How has integrity been important in the applicant's life outside of the classroom?
These guidelines supplement those articulated by AAMC.
How recent is the reference's knowledge of the applicant? When was the letter written?
Copyright 2013. Office of Admissions CWRU SODM.
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