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Little Tennessee -

Katerina Marroquin Jordan Knedler

Katerina Marroquin

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Little Tennessee -

The Little Tennessee
River Basin By ~ Katerina Marroquin
and Jordan Knedler Now, More On
the WILDERNESS Pollution Concerns,
and What Actions Are Taking Place Water Quality and Protection ~ Pollution Concerns Of Course, We are Taking Action Plant Life ~ The Wild Life Plant Life Cont. ~ Animal Life ~ Location ~ Counties and Cities ~ Main Tributaries ~ Just Some of the Basic Surroundings
and Information on the Little Tennessee The River Basin is located on the southwestern part
of North Carolina, along the border of Tennessee River Main Tributaries ~
Cullasaja River
Nantahala River
Tuckasegee River
Oconaluftee River
Cheoah River Counties Within Little Tennessee are Graham,
Swain, Jackson, Slyva, Cherokee, Clay, and the fastest-growing
county, Macon.

There are few major cities in the LT, due to the
many protected forests,streams, along with the reserved land for the Cherokee Indians.

A Few of them are Franklin, Lenoir, and Highlands. The Little Tennessee is FULL of wild life, mainly
aquatic species. With all the reserved land and rivers from conservation groups in NC, we have one of the most rarest or best habitats for animals, only found in this part of North Carolina. This basin actually helps endangered species populate in their forests or streams, to assist with the finding of a home, like the Appalachian elktoe. Again, some examples of plant found in the River Basin Along with the Animal life, plants are just as valued in this river basin. There are over 3,000 large and rare species found in the protected and undisturbed forests, like the Joyce Kilmer, Chattahoochee and Nantahala National Forest. These places keep many species protected, like the rare mountain camellia, or the impressive amount of virgin tulip populars in the JK National Forest. We are proud to say, that L.T. River Basin has one of the
best water health in all of N.C. As of now, 97% of the 2,700 rivers and streams in the river basin are rated as fully supported (as in kept in reserved areas or under conservation services for animal/plant species or such).

Yet, there are still some problems with the sediment in these rivers... Even not being near any major towns, there are still
some concerns in the river basin. One being with all the man-made dams and impact on land. It affects the water health, along with the many aquatic species in the rivers, not able to live in the changing waters (due to delicate body temperature). Also, the excessive sediment and erosion from poor development on nearby land affects the streams, again messing with the
quality of water. Last, we have the introduction of new non-native animal/plant species in the river basin, maybe bringing new types of disease or bacteria to the habitat. Even with all the problems (man or natural), we are still helping keep our place clean, for the wildlife and habitat and for any visitors to our river basin. First, we have many conservation groups, with help from the state funds, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, and donations, that join together to protect the basin, called the NeedMore Tract. Now, more thank 1/3 of the Little Tennessee River Basin is being managed under conservation, for protection of endangered species or for land (mainly forest and rivers within basin) Looking For The Right Basin
to Put YOUR Camp? Well, We got the right place for YOU. Welcome to the nature-full River Basin called the Little Tennessee!!! Here, you can find the right place for fun and adventure, from looking for rare animals and plants, to hiking or canoeing in the nearby streams, or just plain sitting down and enjoying the amazing views only found here.

We, My associate and I, will take you on only a brief tour on what you can expect from the greatest location on any part of North Carolina Human Population ~

~ 94,566 (U.S. 2010 Census) Here are only a few of the astounding animal Species found in the Little Tennessee sicklefin redhorse
river otters
spruce-fir moss spider
junaluska salamander

*30 species of salamanders found in LT* Just Some Enjoyable Features In the Little Tennessee River Basin You are in luck, this famous and most cherished natural landmark in all of North America are only part of the Little Tennessee River Basin!!!
This national park brings many tourists, mainly for its great diversity of wildlife (like 30 species of fish and salamanders, and 12 species of toads and frogs). It also provides the grandest lakes for trout fishing, for anyone who wants to try. The Great Smokey Mountains ~ TROUT FISHING ~ To increase activity in your camp, we always have enough streams to provide your students to something new - trout fishing. It is not your average fishing game, grabbing, spearing, or even jumping into the water to catch one is enough fun for anyone. The best rivers filled with good fish are found in the rivers Hazel, Forney, Deep, and Noland creeks. Hiking and Biking With all the forests and trails around, we had put some good use to it, providing many hiking AND biking trails for all types explorers. With the multiple trails for all types of people, young to old, or even handicapped, you can enjoy the many views of the rivers, creeks, mountains, or the beautiful horizon. Paddling The river basin always have the waters open for any paddler. From just learning, to the greatest, we have the best places for your type of style. These river ares protected by state and federal laws, so you can have a fun and safe time racing each other to the win Hope That You Pick Us
For Camp And Thank you for Your Time
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