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Pre Algebra Word Questions Very Basic

No description

Stephanie Ammar

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Pre Algebra Word Questions Very Basic

Pre Algebra Word
Questions 1. Jason had $24 to spend on
seven pencils. After buying them
he had $10. How much did
each pencil cost? 2. Maria had boxes in her garage.
She bought seven more boxes.
Half of her boxes were destroyed
in a fire. There are now only 22
boxes left.
With how many did she start? (x + 7)/2= 22 $2 3. Jenna spent half of her weekly allowance
playing mini-golf. To earn more money
her parents let her wash the car for $4.
What is her weekly allowance if she ended
with $12? x/2 +4 = 12 4. Jill won 40 bouncy balls playing horseshoes at her school's game night. Later, she gave two to each of her friends. She only has 8 remaining. How many friends does she have? 40 - 2x = 8 5. Margaret had some candy to give to her four children. She first took ten pieces for herself and then evenly divided the rest among her children. Each child received two pieces. With how many pieces did she start? 18 6. Alex sold half of his comic books and then bought sixteen more. He now has 36. With how many did he begin? x/2 + 16 = 36 7. On Tuesday Aretha bought five hats. On Wednesday half of all the hats that she had were destroyed. On Thursday there were only 17 left. How may did she have on Monday? (x + 5)/2 = 17 8. How old am I if 400 reduced by 2 times my age is 244? 400 - 2x = 244 9. The Cooking Club made some pies to sell at a basketball game to raise money for the new math books. The cafeteria contributed four pies to the sale. Each pie was then cut into five pieces and sold. There were a total of 60 pieces to sell. How many pies did the club make? x + 4 = 60/5 10. Last summer, Gary trained 32 more dogs then Zina. Together they trained 126 dogs. How many dogs did Gary train? 11. Julius sold five times as many computers as Sam sold last year. In total, they sold 78 computers. How many computers did Julius sell? 12. In one season, Ana ran 18 races. This was four fewer races than twice the number of races Kelly ran. How many races did Kelly run? 13. Andre hit four more home runs than twice the number of home runs Larry hit. Together they hit 10 home runs. How many home runs did Andre hit? 14. What is the rate, in miles per hour, of a plane that travels 1680 miles in 3 hours? 15. A train is traveling at 54 miles per hour. How long will it take to go 378 miles? 16. What is the rate, in feet per
second, of a swimmer who
crosses a 164-foot long
pool in 41 seconds? 17. A balloon is caught in
a wind traveling at 25 feet
per second. If the wind is
constant, how long will it
take the balloon to travel
1000 feet? 18. Two times a number less 10 is greater than five times the same number plus 2. For what number or numbers is this true? 19. One half of the sum of a number and 12 is less than 27. What is the number? 20. Admission to the state fair costs $5 and each ride costs $0.75. If Ahmed wants to spend no more than $14 at the fair, how many rides can he ride? 21. Yuko wants to guy teddy bears that cost $8.50 each for her eight nieces and nephews. She would like to get a hat for each teddy bear, also. If Yuko wants to spend no more than $94, how much can she spend on each hat? 22. Eight less that 7 times a number is -29. Write the equation then solve for the number. 23. Twenty more that twice a number is 52. Write the equation then solve for the number. 24. The difference between three times a number and 11 is 10. Write the equation and solve for the number. 25. One more than the difference between 18 and seven times a number is -9. Write the equation and solve for the number. 26. Eight times a number plus 6 less than twice the number is 34. Write the equation and solve for the number. 27. 26 more than the product of a number and 17 is -42. Write the equation and solve for the number. 27. Twelve less than the quotient of a number and 8 is -1. Write the equation and solve for the number.
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