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ICT Training Session 1


Mark Ellis

on 5 June 2009

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Transcript of ICT Training Session 1

ICT Training Session 1 Mark Ellis Pop Quiz Where can you find tab on a keyboard? 1. Top right 2. Top left 3. Centre How do you copy text? 1. Ctrl + S 2. Ctrl + V 3. Ctrl + C What does the "E" stand for in E-mail 1. Engineering 2. Electronic 3. Energetic What command will get you safely out of a program 1. Alt + F4 2. Ctrl + F3 3. Turn of the computer WHat are the benefits of Open Source Software 1. It is expensive but good 2. It is often free and has many altenatives to
commercial software 3. It comes with structured support Which Internet connection is faster? 1. DSL 2. Dial Up 3. Cable Modem 4. Broadband WHat is the correct file extension
for a Microsoft Word 97-2003 document? 1. .odt 2. .txt 3. .doc 4. .docx The ICT Budget What is it being spent on? Licenses and Broadband £39,000 Our Microsoft Licenses for Windows and Office take up £15,000 of this Hardware and Software £71, 000 This includes £50,000 for refurb and fitting out the new Cyber Cafe Leasing Costs £44,000 This is to cover existing leases
for equipment
taken out in the last 3 years New Developments Room Booking System Nab Wood Helpdesk Terminal Services Printing and Printers http://nw.ict-helpdesk.net/login.asp 95 Printers 36 Different models £3,400 New Desktop Over to you What works well for you
on the exixting system ?
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