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Hybrid Cars

No description

Kenton Schiele

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars
By Kenton Schiele Jr. & Thurlmon Mosley

Types of Hybrid Cars
Fuel Cell Vehicle
Has hydrogen storage tank
High output battery
Fuel cell stack
Enviromental friendly
Financial benefits
Braking Systems
Less power
Can be expensive
Poor handeling
All electric vehicles
Converts 59-62% electrical energy to the wheel
Rechrageble batteries
Has electric motors that are quiet
Video on hybrid car engines and things
1977-1979 GM spent $20 million on research for electric cars
1989 Audi released the Audi Duo powered by a 12.6 HP electric engine
1997 Audi became first car company to manufacture hybrid cars
1999 Honda released the Honda Insight which was the first hybrid car in the US

Honda- Accord, Civic,Fit
Toyota- Prius, Camry
Nissan- Altima
Lexus- LS 600h L, GS 450h
Mercedes- S400 BlueHybrid
Hyundai- Sonata
Ford- Fusion
Infiniti- M36h
Lincoln- MKZ
BMW- ActiveHybrid 7
Fisker- Karma
Top 5
1. 2015 Honda Accord
2. 2015 Ford Fusion
3. 2015 Toyota Camry
4. Toyota Avalon
5. Toyota Prius
Difference between Hybrid, Electric, and Gas cars
Gas cars run solely off of gas
Electric cars have to charged
Hybrid cars run off gas but it collects energy while its driving so it wont have to be charged
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