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Mobile Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

This is a presentation about the oppurtunties and challenges in mobile learning.

Amy Pollington

on 26 June 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Learning: Challenges and Opportunities


Challenges in Mobile Learning Opportunities
in Mobile Learning h Challenge #1: Educate Parents

As Dr. Mimi Ita discussed in the video "Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age - Session I. The Next Revolution in Learning" some parents are not letting their children use the computer or internet for fear of internet addiction or negative peer interaction. It is essential for parents to be educated in the topic of mobile learning and technology in the classroom. Parents need to understand the short-term and long-term benefits of mobile learning and how it plays a role in their child's life. Educating parents is crucial in making mobile learning a part of education.

Challenge #3: Evaluation

There are many challenges to overcome when evaluating mobile learning. What is a "good" evaluation? What does it mean when an evaluation is "acceptable"? How do we know if the evaluation assesses the appropriate learner outcomes when neither a set conceptualization nor definition of mobile learning exists? Mobile learning, like all other academia, needs to have an effective evaluation in order to prove its credibility.(Ally, 2009)
Challenge #2: Small Screen and Keyboard

Using a mobile device can be a frustrating task for people who are used to using a full sized keyboard and seeing a full sized screen. The key to overcoming this challenge is by trying many different mobile devices to find which one works best for you. Some have touch screens while others do not. Some might enjoy the keypads instead of the touch screens. Screen size is also a matter of trying different devices and committing to using that device. Small keyboards can also be purchased to connect to a mobile device. Getting used to the small screen and keyboard only takes a short amount of time. Eventually the small keyboard and screen will not seem at all!
Opportunity #1: Decrease Dropout Rate

According to Jo in the video “M-learning demystified![m-learning.org]” there has been a lot of research done on mobile learning and people that have dropped out of school and/or who were nontraditional learners. Studies have shown that these types of learners “can be attracted back into learning by mobile learning.” There are many people who are bored in the traditional classroom setting. Hopefully in the future mobile learning will decrease the dropout rate by engaging those students who otherwise would have dropped out of school.
Opportunity #2: Learning Anytime and Anywhere

Mobile learning can be done anytime and anywhere. Mobile learning allows students time to work on assignments when their schedule allows and in any environment the learner chooses. Mobile learning supports a more comfortable, spontaneous, and convenient approach to learning.(Ally, 2009)
Opportunity #3: Immediate Learning

Mobile learning allows students to learn and apply recently acquired knowledge or skills immediately. This gives students the opportunity to use what they have learned before they have forgotten it.(Ally, 2009)
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