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Korean War

No description

Grace Ann Rothwell

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Korean War

The year was 1950. On
the 25th of June, yet
another war began.
The Korean War... The Korean was originally
a war between North Korea- otherwise
known as the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea- and South
Korea- A.K.A. the Republic of Korea.
So, you ask, what was their
problem? The Korean War was a conflict
between communist North and
anti-communist South. This war began when
Communist Korea (in other
words, North Korea) launched
a surprise attack on South
Korea. The President of the U.S. at
the time was Harry S. Truman.
He convinced the United Nations (UN)
to send the U.S. troops to help out in
South Korea. North Korea still managed to capture
the capital of South Korea, Seoul, even
after UN troops began helping South
Korea. The UN, however, crossed the 38th parallel
into North Korea and in turn, captured their
capital city sometime after Oct. 7,
At this point, due to the UN
ignoring China's commands and
nearing the Yalu River (divider of
North Korea and China).
UN troops encountered
Chinese "volunteers" who had
entered North Korea. The Chinese ended up joining
North Korea approximately
halfway through the war. The war prevented communism
from spreading to South Vietnam. This war was a military struggle
fought on the Korean Peninsula. It was a by-product of
the Cold War. The attack North Korea
made had quite a lot to do
with politics. The MASH Units used in the war
helped save thousands of soldiers
lives and gave a 97% chance of
survival. "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE..." The war raged on for a little over
three years. The Korean war was not officially
over until the President at the time,
Dwight D. Eisenhower, signed an
armistice, or a treaty. This occurred on July 27, 1953. The war was over. And it
has not been clarified who
really gained the victory... P'ypOngyang Presentation By:
Grace Ann Rothwell &
Breck Cogswell!
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