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Teaching Goal Presentation

Teaching Goal Presentation

Alzbeta Springer

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Teaching Goal Presentation

Is there a town?
On which bank?
How many tributaries?
Delta - how many branches does it have?
What shape does the coast have?
How many rivers are there? How could these discrepancies be explained? (if nobody tempered with these maps) And if someone altered the maps. Why did he/she do it? security reasons
military reasons
changes in nature (drought)
changes in the course of the river
coastal erosion
town has been moved to a lower-risk flood zone
"Maps can distort and lie as readily as they can convey veritable spatial data or the results of scientificaly valid analyses.

People who understand map projections, symbolization, and common forms of mapping standards, are more likely to reasonably question and clearly understand the messages map communicate." (Arthur Getis) My Mapped Out Journey to CAR Teaching A map is not a "divine truth;
" it is not reality itself;
it is not objective—it is, rather,
a representation of the reality
which the maker of the map
wishes to present.

People who look at maps tend to be uncritical,
and quite often become
more convinced in their opinions
by examining maps.

This universal phenomenon of
blind trust in map representations
is known as "cartographic hypnosis."
(S. W. Boggs) SO WHAT...?
WHO CARES? THERE... THAT'S WHY. My story with maps? I hate blind maps! Chapter 1 C h a p t e r 2 Grand Finale!!! Grand Finale!!! The END
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