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dayana zakaria

on 3 January 2014

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Objectives :
Develop applications for recording and showing the details and location of the crime in Johor Bahru,

Provide facilities for the provision of crime information,

Form suitable data for display crime locations.

GIS Mapping
Phase 1
Collect the crime data information and convert data to shapefile (shp)

Classify crime data according to the selected data

Create a field for start time and start date of the crime incident

Phase 2
Phase 3
Crime analysis in Johor Bahru

Heatmap analysis

Aoristic analysis

Mean centre analysis

Analysis :
Crime Cluster in
Year 2010
Crime Cluster in
Year 2011
The concentration of crime activity in Johor Bahru in 2010 to 2011
Analise the data (Crime Analysis)
using Heatmap (cluster of crime)
Time Manager (Aoristic) - animation of crime concentration
the data will be identify the pattern and the movement of crime activity in JB in year 2010 and 2011

We’ll plan the final animation with a time step size of 30 seconds for every years. That means that every animation frame will cover a real-world timespan of 30 seconds
Aoristic Analysis :

a method of analyzing times of occurrence for crimes in which the time of occurrence is unknown,

alternative to the “midpoint analysis” or “split-time analysis” methods long-recommended for their ease of use,

the midpoint time of a large time range is “assumed” to be the time at which the incident occurred for purposes of forecasting.

To establish crime prevention in order to increase the crime rates in Malaysia.

What is


act that involves a person or group of members that breaks a law.

“An appropriate definition of crime is remain one of the most critical unresolved issues in criminal justice today” - Robert Bohm ( 1999:24)

many crime prevention programs and others that provide information, guidelines and alternatives in order to prevent crime (in Malaysia) :

Background of

Johor Bahru that consits of eight Mukim:

Categories of


Safe City Program :
focus on proper lighting, landscaping and cleanliness in target area crimes (any form of physical, social and mental threats)
National Key Results Area
(NKRA) :
focused on every aspect of crime fighting (prevention, early detection, arrests, court trial, prison system and rehabilitation process)
Web Mapping

Heatmap Analysis :
Heatmaps are one of the best visualization tools for dense point data,

are used to easily identify find clusters where there is a high concentration of crime in Johor Bahru

add layer all the data of crime in JB (convert it shapefile (.shp) format first)
Data : crime 2010 (Jun-Dis), crime 2011 (Jan-Apr), boundry SJER and Mukim
On Heatmap Plugin
radius = 1000 (pixel value be determined the points within 1000m of the location)
set the pixel resolution of the output raster to be 100 ( to identify the cluster of the crime)

Crime 2010
select the crime data year 2010 by 6 month (Jun-Nov) - the data only can accomodate until 6 month
setting layer property (point crime data) - using style : capital, layer blending mode : multiply
to the aoristic (time manager plugin)
select layer crime 2010
time start (t) - new field setting at at (tribute table according on time manager format
added new field called 't' which is allow to configure time manager to show features permenently
time manager plugin format
year-month-day hour:min:second
time frame to play the animation (50 miliseconds)
the crime data display by week

Main Centre Analysis
Click on Vector > Analysis tool > Mean coordinate(s)
Under ‘Mean coordinate’ tab, select Input vector layer : Crime 2010, Unique ID field : month.
Click on the point of mean coordinate to know the movement of crime by month. Before can click the point, must open ‘Attribute table’ of mean coordinate. Right click Mean coordinate 2010’ then select ‘Open attribute table.
Click on the point of mean coordinate to know the movement of crime by month. Before click the point, must open ‘Attribute table’ of mean coordinate. Right click Mean coordinate 2011’ then select ‘Open attribute table’.
Mean coordinate
point in year 2010
Mean coordinate
point in year 2011
Mean coordinate of crime movement by month from January to April in year 2010
Mean coordinate of crime movement by month from January to April in year 2011
Dashboard and Web Design
will display the aoristic change in the crime in an area
animation will shows the 24 patterns of three different category of crime for Johor Bahru Municipal Council (MBJB) area in Johor Bahru District.
the data is drawn from about 4 month's worth of data in 2011.( January- February)
To create your web application, download the zip file and follow the instruction given in “readme” file and edit the code in “index” file using wordpad.
In ArcGis Online, the file that you uploading must be in zipped shapefile format.
For the web publish we use Arcgis Online ( http://www.arcgis.com/home/ )
Here on we just change the web map id and insert Bing Map API key. For the internet server we use Internet Information Service (IIS)
Here on, you can configure your web map by editing the base map layer, the attribute table and colours of your data.
The final product could be like this one. To access to this web application use link here:-
Group members :
Anwar bin Harun (AB100057)
Norfazdlina binti Mohd Khalil (AB100078)
Dayana binti Zakaria (C12BE0044)
Nur Hanisah binti Zainal Abidin (C12BE0033)

Access by : Prof. Dr. Ahmad Nazri bin Muhamad Ludin

Crime in 2010
Crime in 2011
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