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My Perfect Place

No description

Patricia Kish

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of My Perfect Place

My Perfect Place
Patricia Kish

Nihil Prosperum ‎
Under Snow and Ice is the Perfect Life
Land and Climate
because of soil type it hosts wide variety of fungi and micro-organisms encouraging plant life and fertilizing soil making it rich

variety of land types including flat rugged land (huge mineral area), forest and plains

many rivers flowing throughout region accompanied by freshwater sources

because of northern position climate does not become overly hot also controlled due to the presence of water

offers geographic luck due to ability to raise crops and agriculture due to now fertilized soil and thriving fauna
positioned in area decent distance from ocean (controlling climate) and in green area close to barren land

uses renewable and conventional energy in forms of hydro-power from water as well as coal and oil from mineral rich land

because of high mineral supply and accessable resources considered on the stage 4 of a demographic transition
Residential &
Institutional Areas
combination of low, medium & high density residential areas with lower densities pushed closer to the edges of the city along the main highways and green space

medium & higher densities more central compacted including commercial and institutional areas

two churches, two schools, and two hospitals

churches and schools are placed on border of low and medium density areas while the hospitals are placed in low and high areas for distance reasons both near main road for availability
Commercial and Recreational Space
Two major commercial areas located as a downtown district in the high density and medium density border and regional shopping center including strip malls and plazas off of medium density area

two minor commercial areas composed of neighbourhood plaza in low density area and regional shopping mall on the border of medium and low density areas

Two golf courses off of the highway and bordering the low and medium density areas

two areas for major green spaced used for parks and playing spaces including sports fields and complexes both located off commercial areas and in medium density residential places
Industrial Land and Transportation
3 square kms of industrial land just on the merge of the two highways on land mostly mineral based, reachable by both highways and supplies region with products

smaller industrial region located off the border of low and medium density residential areas also on mineral rich land but processes material items

both are main suppliers of regions economy attracting many workers with a terminal facility just before

5 main roads for transportation around city including one expressway and arterial road north and south around the city merging after the industrial area, and three collector roads stretching through whole city, through industrial area from low to medium density, one reaching from low density to high density and to commercial area
Water ways and Regional Transportation
Along with downtown and industrial extracting and selling most business is attracted by the docks

two main docks for imports and exports one on west coast and one on the south coast along canal heading north up into industrial region

south dock also houses hydro-station

Express way goes along whole region from west dock to freshwater source

freshwater source located east of industrial area source of cities water supply

north of city and industrial area is airport receiving mostly passengers as well as cargo
globalization with other countries especially trade is with Greenland due to its close proximity as well as richer resources

trade would also be with richer European countries for the gold, silver, and minerals mined in the city
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