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the history of the 20th century popular music timeline project

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aridesin wilson

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of the history of the 20th century popular music timeline project

All genres of music The Time Line
Of Music History DIXIE LAND SOUL -Louis Armstrong was a big time jazz player in his time.
-jazz originated in New Orleans
Jazz started in the 1890"s Jazz became popular in the 1920"s
-Louis Armstrong-what made him famous was became he was notified to be the best piano player.
- Jazz faded in the 1950"s -Louis Armstrong was an influential person in Dixie Land music as well.
-20th century (New Orleans)
- It was influenced in the 1940's
- Louis Armstrong was a big person of Dixie Land music.
- A big time in Dixie Land music is when the song "When The Saints Come Marching In " -Ray Charles was an influential person in Soul music.
-1950's and the early 1960's was when soul nearly began.
-Soul never really faded away it is still moving on.
-Soul really took a kick in the music is when Ray Charles,Sam Cooke, Jjackoe Wilson, and Aretha Franklin took place. DISCO -The Bee Gees was the most influential people of that time period.
-Disco started in the mid- 1970's
-Funk was most popular in the late- 1970's
-It faded in the early 1980's
-Disco really had a big time bus is when
The Bee Gees sound track was on the movie "Saturday Night Fever" jazz BE BOP -Clifford Brown was an influential person during Be bop.(He was in the second wave of Be bop )
- mid - 1940's
- Be bop became popular in the 1960's
- Be bop never really faded away from popularity it is still going on.
- Bebop was mostly located in Kansas city
- Bebop took a big turn in 1950's TANGO - Roberto Firpo was an influential person of the Tango.
- 1890's was when tango started
-It has not faded it is still continuing
-It was most popular in the 1910's
- It was located in Buenos Aires, Argentina NEW WAVE -Blondie was an inspirational person in New Wave music.
- It originated in the 1970's
-It became popular in 2004
- New Wave is still moving foward as in fashion (Lady GaGa and Katy Perry).
- Was located in the United States and the United Kingdom. PUNK - Sex Pistols was 1 of the inspirational groups of punk.
- in the UK it was popular in the 1970's and the UK 1990's-2000's
-Punk has not faded from popurlarity it is still continuing.
- where it was located is in Los Angeles. PSYCHEDELIC ROCK - The Beetles was 1 of the most influential people in the psychedelic rock
-It was influenced in the 1960's
- Was most popular in the early 1970's
- It has not faded away it is still continuing on .
- Psychedelic rock took a big turn when jimi Hendrix started getting big in this category. GLAM ROCK Kiss was an influential group in this category
- it started in the early 1970s
- it faded in 1976 such as the clothing
- it was most popular in the mid- 1970s
- it started in the United Kingdom. FUNK -James Brown was an inspirational influence in Funk.
-In the mid- late -1960's
- Funk has not faded from popularity
- It started to get popular in 1970's
-Funk had a big break is when james brown came up he brang funk to the top. and he actually started funk. COUNTRT WESTERN - John Lomax was 1 of the inspirational people in the country western category.
-It started in 1835
- It began getting popular in the 1922's (because thats when the 1st record came out.)
- It hasn't faded away from popularity becaus it is still going on but just more up to date
- John Lomax also created "Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads "
-Cecil Sharp began publishing hundreds of folk songs from the Appalachian Mountains. HONKY TONK -Johnny Cash was 1 of the inspirational people in honk tonk music.
- It started in the 1950's
- it has not faded away it is still continuing in history.
- the big break out in honky tonk was in 1956 when Folsom Prison Blues came out. ROCK AND ROLL - Charlie Berry invented rock and roll. (he was a black man that played black music)
- but then white kids started listening to it in the Northeast.
- and white musicians were playing rhythem and blues side by side with country music.
- when the music industry soon realized that whites and blacks liked eachothers music they decided to just go ahead and agree with the people and rock and roll became an overnight success. -Many songs that were
successful was "I Walk The Line"
-"Ballad Of The Teenage Queen" " Your Running Wild" "My Baby's Gone" -rock and roll was
invented in the
-it was popular in
the 1950s Gospel! Rap Rap music started in californa. Rap got really known in the late 80's First west coast rapper to get famous was too short early 80's Mahalia Jackson,Thomas Dorsey,Kirk Franklin Gospel Music formed in the late 1800's by African slaves. Is still popular till this day in Its is still popular til this day across the world. Is still popular till this day in 2012 (soon to be 2013) United States mainly in the southern area's. In rap (during the 80's to about 1998) rappers usually tell stories about what they have done or events they've been through. Now a days you barely hear stuff like that. Not all rap is bad for example G funk Reggae Used the hesitation beat. Was originated in jamaica in 1960. Reggae's most popular music icon was Bob Marley. The most common instruments used in reggae are guitars, steel pans, bass, drums, organ, bass insrtumental. Reggae is still kinda popular but it's in the genre pop and rock. Reggae as most popular in the 70's when bob marly was alive.
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