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How I "hacked" my HE Trial

Tish's Flash Talk for the 2015 Automattic Grand Meetup in Park City, UT

Tish Briseno

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of How I "hacked" my HE Trial

How I "hacked" my HE Trial*
Tish Briseno
Happiness Engineer on Team Sparta of the City States
Your Body Language shapes who you are
It required one thing:
Changing my posture for
2 minutes
So I put her theory to the test
We tend to forget that the person MOST influenced by it is ourselves
Amy Cuddy proved this when she ran an experiment where she had individuals adopt a
pose or a
pose for 2 minutes.

And then tested their hormone levels before and after. To see if how your body is positioned has an affect on your mind.
Here is how I applied this theory....
My Happiness Engineer Trial
How I "hacked" my Happiness Engineer Trial
I'm hoping that this small tweak can also help how you "hack" stressful situations
*Don't worry I'm pretty sure I didn't break any rules and Karen won't be mad at me :)
TED Talk by Amy Cuddy
Social Psychologist
Don't worry I'm not going to lecture you on how you need to sit up straight....

It's much
dorkier than that
When we think about posture and nonverbals...
Your non-verbals like your posture,
govern how you think and feel
about yourself.
So basically...
While we know our minds can
change our bodies.
Our bodies can also change
our minds.
Here are some examples...

of High powered pose and low-powered pose
So in this experiment Amy Cuddy tested two key hormones:
- Testosterone
which is the dominance hormone
- Cortisol
which is the stress hormone.
She found that individuals who adopted the high-powered pose had a
20% increase
in testosterone and a
25% decrease
in cortisol.

Which means they felt more powerful and less stressed.
This is the story of...
How I "hacked" my productivity
for my Happiness Engineer Trial
after applying some theories
from my favorite TED Talk
But before I get to that...
I'm going to walk you through
the basics behind her theory

Then I'll walk you through
how I applied it to Hack
my productivity
People who adopted the low-powered pose had a
10% decrease
in testosterone and a
15% increase
in Cortisol.

Which means they felt
less powerful and more stressed.
Quick Recap:
- This means that how you position your body
has a direct affect on your mind and thus performance.

- Specifically standing in a high-powered pose for 2 minutes is a great hack for when you're
facing a challenging task you're not confident about.

This is not super scientific.

As no two days were exactly the same.
Each day had their own challenges.
Conclusion: It worked for me.

Try using this 2 minute "Super Hero pose" hack
to feel less stressed in stressful situations

... like your Flash Talk :)

I picked 2 days out of each week where I worked
roughly the same amount of hours.

Each bar represents the quantity of
tickets/chats I did that day.
On the days in red...

I forgot to do a high-powered pose
Compared to the days in blue...

When I did the Super Hero pose for
2 minutes before starting work.
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