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Enterprise Social Video demystified - How major organizations leverage online video internally

How do corporations leverage online and social video, employee generated content and 'YouTube for the Enterprise' platforms? This presentation is a collection of real world case studies across various industries. Questions? Ask paolo@tosolini.com

Paolo Tosolini

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Enterprise Social Video demystified - How major organizations leverage online video internally

SAP 40th anniversary song contest
The Mayo effect
Tell the SAS story
I Q campaign: 200 video submissions, 1000 people involved

Tools and support
Microsoft 'Podcast-in-a-Box'
Cushman & Wakefield: Camera kits, Outlook plugin

Tangible benefits
Xerox: Random drawings from among all contributors
Microsoft: Academy rewards YouTube
for the Enterprise Business
Processes Adoption
Strategy Platform Black & Veatch Long tail of internal video Unpredictable quality
Steps to success Crowdsourcing
challenges Success Metrics Security Education Support Equipment Cost Recovery Production Guerrilla marketing Outsourced
In-house service staffed by vendors / employees
Employee generated content Consumer features Easy to use
Mobile friendly
Live and on-demand
Search Enterprise requirements Secure access
Authentication with single-sign on
Approval workflow
Branded channels
Relate videos to documents
Integration with internal network Rating
Sharing Enterprise social video demystified Idea incubation Project
updates / status Video
conferencing Executive
communications User communities Training / Certification programs RUN Studios
paolo@tosolini.com Paolo Tosolini About Paolo Director of Emerging Media at RUN Studios, Seattle
10 years at Microsoft
Launched and managed Microsoft's internal YouTube platform called Academy Mobile Leader in business analytics software and services
13000 employees
55 countries Global engineering and construction company
9000 employees
100 countries Owns and operates US largest 4G LTE network
75000 employees
1900 stores World leader in enterprise software
61000 employees
130 countries World leader in document management
140000 employees
160 countries Behavioral change Knowledge sharing Corporate
culture Research
Evaluation Experimentation Deployment Maturity The adoption journey World largest software maker
94000 employees
104 countries Privately held commercial real estate services firm
14000 employees
58 countries Nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education
58000 employees Research World leader in 3G and 4G wireless technologies
27000 employees
157 countries Channels
Social IT concerns Security
Support ...be ready with your ROI story Governance Production models 60 videos / year created by internal communications team
80% of internal videos produced for both internal / external use
ROI of internal studio justified by outsourcing vs. internal costs Verizon Wireless VZTube started as training and internal communications tool in 2005
Training videos targeted for small screen, support B2B and indirect retail engagements
Videos always considered as supplement to official communications, never a replacement
Mobile studio can travel to various locations Mayo Clinic Video utilized for staff education and training
Full video production facility with 14 staff members
Internal cable system
On the roadmap: mobile and 'internal YouTube' Employee
Generated Content Enabling peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
Direct publishing, no policing
Governance based on social dynamics and HR standards of business conduct

SAP: 5000 videos in first 2 years
Xerox tenets: Show, Share and Lead Channels Motivating
contributors Finding time
Getting equipment
Learning equipment
Scripting story
Publishing Creative use of video There is more than talking heads.... Run a pilot program
Get management involved early
Reward your early adopters
Don't limit contributors creativity
Production quality is secondary
Humanize, entertain, be passionate Success metrics Roaming crews
QR codes
Post-it notes
Live shows
Digital signage
Or just audio... Internal
communications Intranet homepage
Email newsletters
Signatures To sum up... Return On Investment (ROI) John Martine, Communications Specialist, Dell ROI of Bulding a Company-wide, Video Podcasting Portal Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Video in the Cisco Enterprise: Calculating the Return on Investment Whitepapers http://www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/collateral/ns813/whitepaper_c11_719505.pdf http://download.microsoft.com/download/B/6/F/B6F226A3-91EB-4113-A92A-E37963AD6F0D/Microsoft%20Academy_Return%20on%20Investment%20(ROI)%20White%20Paper.pdf Utilization
Unique Users

New vs. returning
Frequency and recency

Comments A special
THANK YOU! Verizon Wireless Mobile RSS
Web app
Native app Cushman & Wakefield SAS and more... Jonathan Mast - Black & Veatch
Brian Jensen - Cushman & Wakefield
Kimberlee Lueders - Ignite Technologies
Lisa Bennett - Kaltura
Ernie Hain - Mayo Clinic
Rodan van Orden - MediaPlatform
Molly Kihanya, Ludovic Fourrage - Microsoft
Kristin Farmer, Yolanda Maggi, Brian Malone - Ragan Communications
Laura Shanley - Qualcomm
Michael Kada - Quantumverse
Stacy Nawrocki - Qumu
Bruce Hudson - Ravnur
Nina Kelley-Rumpff - SAP
Lisa Arney - SAS
Gary Minor - Verizon Wireless
Steven Rath Morgan - Xerox
Drew Keller - StoryGuide Enterprise social video demystified paolo@tosolini.com - @tosolini RUN Studios, Seattle USA
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