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Change in the Digital Age

Event Prezi

Nicki Kavanagh

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Change in the Digital Age

Change in the digital age Change is the only constant Recognising the need
for change The Change Cycle Denial "They don't really mean it" Head Heart Hands & Feet “It is not necessary to change, survival is not mandatory”
- William Edwards Deming Resistance Is resistance healthy? Exploration How do you move to exploration and research? Research Acceptance How is technology changing
the business / consumer
relationship? Turbos & Traps Charles Handy, The Age of Paradox The Power Flip Evolution of the computer 1970's 1990's 1995 Today What happens if you don’t change? Net Gen'ers are
Connected They are looking for:
Pull, don't push
Offer choice - and a deal
Make information easily accessible
Incorporate Net Gen viewpoints into your operations P.S any thing change? - Proverb Change is awkward Change is uncomfortable Change has an adjustment period Change has a ripping effect Change can be fun Change before you have to Change is accelerating The 5 change enablers 1. 2. 3. Achievable first steps 4. 5. Clear communication their case for change Inertia
Complacency Interdependence
Collaboration Exploration Acceptance A clear vision and
direction Capacity for change
in individuals A compelling case for change Want to double size of business Distribution of creativity Distribution of technology Creative Excellence Content Excellence
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