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technology of the future

No description

Ria Sheridan

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of technology of the future

Technology of the future Transport! Smart homes Robots Video on robots Video on transport Transport The transport of the future is told to be environmental, helping the earth and saving human kind. It is also said the become more flexible, smaller but more advance We know that cars will become more advanced but what about the train.What will happen to them. so travailing from country to country will become a regular thing like traveling from Hendon To Finchley. from .Is this a good thing or a bad thing. My photo of the future Smart Homes Robots The future of technology is suggested to help the all people of all ages Frost Windows They are virtual windows that allow you to see the other person through the other frost window connected to your. It can work even if the two windows are miles and miles apart. It is thought to be the t6technology to help people keep in touch with the elderly to make sure they are ok.... could this be technology to save lives. Saving and helping the old HELPER HOMES What if there could be a house to help the person living in it.Will people believe there will be house that can help save lives by... spotting someone ill before it get serious.
But it can also help some one if they are in difficulty and help keep in touch with friends and family Entertainment of the smart home TV is a hugely popular with nearly everyone over the world watching it. But What about a programs/movies that can be watched on any surface. Well while we are speaking people are inventing a wireless TV that will play on any surface. Wireless TV surface A phone that can control everything AMAZING!. Well inventors are inventing wireless control of your house from your phone. The idea is that you can control security,heating and stuff from a push of a button Wireless control Keeping in touch A boy who got ill had a robot created to help him keep in touch with friends and family but also allow him to continue at his education.This boy got ill and had to stay in hospital but control the robots from a laptop he could see, hear and move the robots. He moved it to his school where he learn with other child, went of film trip and did work in the hospital. He was ill for a long time and when he finally came out he was still at the same understanding and education as his friends. Robots teacher The first robot teacher was invented in japan. this teacher could call the register an, get angry and tell student off.Will this be what future generation are taught by.
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