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Issues In Our Schools

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Santrecheel Graham

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Issues In Our Schools

What Supports This?
Increased Spending For Police In Schools
Prejudiced thoughts and discriminatory actions against young people, in favor of older people.
Prejudiced thoughts and discriminatory actions base on difference in race or ethnicity; usually by white persons against people of color
Getting Used To It
What Drives This?
Zero Tolerance Policies
Stop and Frisk procedures In Schools are now mandatory
Again, in the name of safety, many students are getting use to being treated as "jailhouse inmates," as many of them now have to pass through medal detectors before going to class. This supposedly reduces the instance of prohibited weapons and drugs being brought onto school campuses. However, the rate at which police draw and use weapons on students is much higher than students-to-student weapon use.

Casualties of War
Youth are sustaining major injuries while on on school campuses
More and more youth are are sustaining injuries due to police contact and are blamed as having caused it while police walk away scratch-free

Surveillance footage from Vanguard Middle School in Baltimore shows a school police officer beating a 13-year-old girl with a baton during a scuffle involving two other students in October. All three girls were hospitalized with injuries they sustained from the officer
Brutality In The Name of Safety
Violence against Youth is at an all time high, both outside and inside of schools.
More and more youth are experiencing and reporting cases of police brutality in school and in the community. Youth are being treated like hardened criminals for small behavioral outbursts.
Police In Our Schools
Youth are Afraid of Police and some fear speaking out, as many of the police in their schools also patrol their neighborhoods and they fear retaliation.
Zero Tolerance Policies have dramatically changed the school environment. Youth are now being suspended and even expelled for doing everyday things, such as wearing hats, being in the halls without hall passes or speaking up when something is not just. The punishments are more severe than the offense.
As the need for people to feel safe increases, many tax dollars are spent to place police in schools to realize this need. In turn, police control the youth to make sure none of them "offend." However, it sends the message that the youth are the problem, not the conditions that they face.
What are The Root Causes?

Prejudiced thoughts and discriminatory actions based on difference in socio-economic status, income, class, usually by upper against lower.

More Youth are being prepared for prison's than for college. With school's being run like prisons and ever increasing police force, more kids are finding themselves in alternative schools or in expelled for small offenses. With limited opportunity, thereafter, any youth are often incarcerated and are made targets by the police.
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