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Unit 6 Sports Development - Participation in Sport

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Antony Veevers

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Unit 6 Sports Development - Participation in Sport

How and why people
participate in Sport? Take your own Sporting/Activity choices

Explain the following
What's stopping you?
How do we get involved? Reasons for taking part?! Where any of these on your list?

Developmental reasons - learning new skills
Social reasons - enjoyment, meeting new people, fun and enjoyment
Health and Fitness benefits - reducing weight for instance. Factors that affect partcipation

Age and Gender
Cultural background/ethnicity
Other commitments
Equipment Watch the video clip and suggest reasons that may affect participation in these Sports Growth in Sports Participation Continues to grow in this country
e.g. Wimbledon. How many more people play Tennis in June? Increasing Provision How do we do this? 30 seconds thinking time. Go Consider each of the below items in terms of how these different groups/bodies promote participation in Sport

Sports Development
Sports Development Officers
Local Councils Schools - PE and School Sport
Sports Development - e.g. Football Foundation is committed to developing Football at grass roots level
Government - Funding through Schools and Sports Sports Development Officers - go and work in their community to coach and promote that Sport.
Local Councils - increase places available to play; research what the community wants to do; provide advice and training - training, sports leaders; support local people and organisations to develop activities - training, funding, advice and guidance. Disadvantages of schemes that promote provision in Sport Every benefit of a scheme/initiative has a potential disadvantage
e.g. schemes and initiatives may well increase numbers partcipating but they cost a lot of money.
Is this worth it?
What measures can we put in place to tell us if the cost is worth it? Bear in mind that some measures may take years to come to fruition! e.g. health related issues such as childhood obesity.
How can we measure success of an initiative in relation to childhood obesity? Schemes general strengths Improved Health
Social benefits - community spirit, less crime and anti-social behaviour.
Increased success in international sport.
Improved standard of living
lifelong skills learned
Savings - health service, policing etc.
Increased employment Schemes general disadvantages Costs involved - staffing, promoting etc...
Time taken for schemes to have effect
High costs for developing Sport at a high level - e.g. cost of Olympic facilities = 2 billion
Competition with the ever increasing demands for funding in Schools, hospitals, social services etc... Reason

Cultural differences
Age Example

Having to travel long distances
Other commitments such as a mortgage, kids
Individual health and interests change with this factor
Working shifts, weekends of starting early/finishing late
Participant requires adapted game or equipment.
Religious festivals or adherence to a particular form of dress. Match the reason
with the example
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