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CB950: Library Literature Search Workshops

KBS Masters in Management: Library skills workshop

Jason Harper

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of CB950: Library Literature Search Workshops

Library Workshop

Masters in Management
Jason Harper

CB950: Library Literature Search Workshop
Help when you need to speak to someone about books you have on loan
Borrowing items
Journals and referencing
Business Information
Looking elsewhere
Finding books
Postgraduate students may borrow up to 20 items from the Library
Items from the Core Text Collection have different loan periods
Books from the rest of the Library can be borrowed for a period of 4 weeks
Renew books online
Create favourites lists
Up to 10 online renewals
24hr loans excluded
Personal lists of books you’ve used
Bucket-lists of books you want to read
If the book is already on loan - "recall" it
click on Recall this item in the catalogue record
enter your UoK username and password
Collect your reservation from the Core Text Collection
You will be notified by email when it is ready
Loan Desk
Telephone 01227 823572 (direct line)
Reading Lists
Linked via your Moodle module
Exercise 1
Find the online reading list for CB936
Look at the core text:
Look at the catalogue availability
How many copies are in the Core Text Collection? ______________________________
What is the classmark? _________________
Which floor of the Library would you find it on? _________________________________________
Exercise 4
Find books on this topic in the catalogue:
How many of these titles are available in the Core Text / as an ebook ?
management skills
Repeat the search, but change the drop-down menu from “Keywords” to “Title”
Exercise 3
Find the following book chapter:
What is the title of the section following the Introduction? ____________________________________
Which keywords from the reference will you use to identify the book that the chapter is in?
Use the details given in the reference
Use the Journals Search (on the catalogue or available via the web pages)
Check for both online (preferably) or print (older material) formats
Exercise 7
Find the following article:
Use the details given in the reference to identify if the journal is available online
Search for the journal title (it is the bit in italics)
Is the full-text available online? Which University are two of the authors affiliated to? ____________________

Where in the Library is the print version, and which years are covered? ______________________

These index details of published literature (mostly journal articles)
You can search databases for a list of article references relevant to your topic
Relevant databases
Business Source Complete (EBSCOHost)
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)
General databases
GoogleScholar (use the links in the Library web pages)
Web of Science
See the databases page or KBS subject guide
Use a particular syntax:
Truncation *
Quotation marks for exact phrases “ ”
credit AND mortgage*
“private finance initiative” OR PFI
Exercise 8
Search Business Source Complete
Look at the Library website
Resources >> Databases
Find the link to the database and login
Search for the topic
management skills
Use operators
Limit to
Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
Get the full-text
• Look at the “Times Cited” , and “Cited References” (bibliography)
• Look at the abstracts: pick out other keywords, phrases, subject terms to use
• Search for key author names
Save your searches,
If you sniff out a good reference ...
Paper trails
Create an account
Keep references for your bibliography
Export references…
1. Create an account 2. Install Write-N-Cite 3. Install RefGrab-It … 5. Log into Refworks
create search alerts
Subject guide
Financial Times & Economist (both have historical archives)
Other magazines and newspapers
Key source not only of news, but also company profiles and industry information
KBS Subject Guide
The KBS Subject Guide will point you to useful resources...
Library web page >> Subject
Guides >> Kent Business School
Market information
Datamonitor Consumer
Key Note (UK)
GMID (global markets)
Company data sources
Morningstar Company Intelligence
Kent theses and dissertations
UK and international theses
Print or Online
Exercise 6
Exercise 10
Search online newspapers
Look at the Library website
Resources >> News resources
>> Nexis
Log into Nexis
Change the drop-down menu from “Anywhere” to "At the start". Restrict the sources to: *UK Broadsheets
Search for a topic, e.g.
management skills
Search for theses on a topic
Look at the Library website
Resources >> Theses and dissertations
List of thesis subject areas (click on the classmarks)
Or search the Library catalogue by keyword
Restrict the results to Theses (under the “Collections” heading)
Ethos full-text UK)
Proquest Dissertations and Theses Full-Text (US and World)
Search EThoS
Look for relevant disertations on your topic
Click on the “Document delivery” tab in the catalogue
obtain a copy from another library
limited requests
charged to School Library budget
SCONUL Access Scheme & the British Library
Search catalogues to find material kept in other libraries (e.g. the COPAC catalogue)
INVICTA Access scheme
to use the Drill Hall Library at Medway
Graduate School Researcher Skills
Look out for Library workshops, e.g.
Literature searching
Keeping up to date with research
Or directly from the Reading Lists system
Internet sources
Hill, C. W. L. (2011).
. 8th
edn. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
To search for a specific book, look for:
Author surname and main keywords from the title
Set the search to “Title” and look for main keywords in the title
Exercise 2
Find the following book in the catalogue
Look at the catalogue availability
Dale, M. and Iles, P. eds. (1992).

London: Kogan Page.
To look for books on a subject:
Search for subject keywords
The catalogue will tell you if a book is available in electronic format
Use the "Link to e-book" or "Read Now" button to access online
Take care!
When citing sources found via an internet search, consider:
Relevance - does it cover the topic?
Provenance - is it from a trustworthy source?
Currency - is it up-to-date?
Reliability - does it meet academic rigour?
Bias - is it trying to influence you?
Haynie, J. M., Shepherd, D. A. and McMullen, J. S.
(2009). An Opportunity for Me? The Role of Resources in Opportunity Evaluation Decisions.
, 46(3), 337-361.
Journal of Management Studies
The Oxford Handbook of Corporate
Schultz, M., Hatch, M. J. and Adams, N. (2012).
Managing Corporate Reputation Through Corporate Branding. In: Pollock, T. G. and Barnett, M. L. eds.
. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Assessing Management Skills : A Guide to Competencies and Evaluation Techniques
International Business:
Competing in the Global Marketplace
Is it relevant?
Does it cover the topic adequately?
Is it aimed at a suitable academic level?
Who wrote it?
What affiliation is the author? Are their credentials given?
Does the publisher or organisation have a good track record in the area?
Does the web address look official ?(e.g. .gov .edu etc.)
In addition...
Is it up-to-date?
Can you see when it was published or last updated?
Is the site or page well maintained, and is the topic current?
Is it reliable?
Can you tell which sources were used? If so, are they good quality?
Does the resource state its aims clearly? Is there a methodology?
Is there evidence of bias?
What is the purpose of the website or publication?
Does it appear to support the purpose or aims of the organisation?
Is the website a fundraising tool? Is there conspicuous advertising?
Is it persuading you towards particular conclusions, if so how?
Is the language subjective or objective?
Is any evidence presented balanced?
Exercise 5
Compare these two pages:
Which one looks to be the best quality?
a OR b
a AND b
b NOT a
Truncation - *
The database may contain the full-text directly - either as a downloadable .pdf document, or in html format displayed on the screen
Alternatively ...
Look for the button

... or click on the link that says
UoK Full Text access
manage* AND skill*
Go shopping
Add some references to your "folder"
Check out...
Export the references to Refworks
Exercise 9
Sync your Refworks account to MS Word by entering the "login code"
A citation for a reference in your Refworks account
Apply Kent Harvard style
Add a bibliography
Search History
Create account
Add references
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