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Diego Medeiros

on 4 July 2014

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Waterway Pollution
Evaluate one case of waterway pollution in a location of your choice and efforts to address this issue (perhaps focus on the efforts of 1-2 organizations)
Case 1: Mining- SC/Brazil

- Mining is an important activity

-Growing since the last industrial revolution

- Coal was the most accessible font of energy

- Large production / subsidies (cheap) (SATC 2011)

- Santa Catarina has suffered by waterway pollution, which is the contamination of rivers, from the coal mining activities (Glauser, McAllister & Milioli 2005, pp. 1-2).
Case 2: Industrial waste in China
。 Establishing the effective industrial management

。 Closing some of the high polluted industries

。 Creating constructed wetland system
Diego and Arwen
Source: Google images
- What is waterway pollution

- Specific location:
- Brazil
- Mining
- China
- Industries
- Explain (background)
- Define the problem (s)
- Solution (s)

- Conclusion
淤 Industries without management

喔 Untreated of waste water

痾 Eutrophication
Nitrogen(NH3-N) and Phosphorus (P)

(Algae growing)
Water pollution is the contamination of waterways (e.g. lakes, rivers, ocean, groundwater...) (Wikipedia 2014)
How can we pollute waterways?
The problem in SC
- Pyrite Oxidation

- Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
Piryte oxidation
Oxidised piryte
Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
- Lower pH = Acidification

- Abandoned mines (main source of AMD)

ㄟ The environment and economy
- Mining
- Industry

ㄟ The new laws of the government

ㄟ The efforts of companies
- Water = 7
- Acidified water in the rivers = 2 - 4
Personal collection
- Companies and government

- Decreeing mines as NEA (environmental care)

- Companies
- Working in the source of pollution
- Terra Verde (green earth)
- Promoting dialogue and integrating sustainable visions

Source: Google images
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SATC—see Santa Catarina Philanthropic Association 2011.

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Reference list
Personal collection
Do you think the waterway pollution will be controlled or will worsen in the future?

Did you find any case of waterway pollution in your country? Did it impact or change your life?

How can we control river pollution?

"Environmental pollution is a necessary stage of economic development"
says the man with a paper labeled "scientific development concept" in his pocket.
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
Source: Google images
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