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Present Continuous

How to teach the present continuous form. B02

Luiggi Garcia

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Present Continuous

And more! Present Continuous Review! We use the present continuous tense to talk about: Actions and things that are happening now He is singing Big and.... ... small Bob is reading a book They are eating Bob is smiling They are playing soccer You can identify the present continuous tense like this: Remember! Subject + Verb to be + verb + ing Examples: Lucy is writing a book We are studying for our spanish test She is talking with Mr. Martinez Eat: Eating
Sing: Singing
Laugh: Laughing
Talk: Talking
Swim: Swimming
walk: Walking Do you know these verbs? Drink: Drinking
Cook: Cooking
Think: Thinking
Travel: Traveling
Write: Writing
Fly: Flying Write "am - are or is" in the following sentences: Practice! We _____ eating oranges

Camila _____ singing

They _____ drinking apple juice

I _____ swimming in my pool We are eating oranges

Camila is singing

They are drinking apple juice

I am swimming in my pool Check your answers More Practice! Put these sentences in order : eating - She - pizza - is
the piano - am - playing - I
Susan and John - their homework - doing- are
about you - thinking - am - I
are - walking - in the most beautiful beach - They She is eating pizza

I am playing the piano

Susan and John are writing a book

I am thinking about you

They are walking in the most beautiful beach Check your answers! Read & Practice DIALOGUE Hello! Hi, this is Betty. Can I speak to George? Sorry, he isn't at home. Can I take a message? Can you tell him that Betty called? Ok, no problem. Telephone Expressions To begin a conversation you should say: Hi / Hello
Good morning
Good Afternoon
and more. Also, you should identify yourself: Telephone Expressions -"Hello, this is Candace speaking"

-"My name is Jeremy" Now, you ask to talk to somebody: Telephone Expressions -"Can I speak to Chuck, please?"

-"Can you put me through to my mom, please?" If the person who he/she is searching for is not at home, offer to take a message: Telephone Expressions -"Can I take a message?" And finally, end the conversation: Telephone Expressions -"Ok, no problem"

-"I'll talk to you later".

-"Good bye /bye" Now It's your turn to make up a telephone conversation. (in pairs)
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