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2nd battle of bull run

No description

jakeera cole

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of 2nd battle of bull run

Battle of bull run by: jakeera t. cole How it all started Where it all happen? The Second Battle of Bull Run was fought in the same place as the first battle of bull run. It was on August 28 and 30, 1862, in Virginia The People There were many important people in the second battle of bull run but not a lot of them stood out like.....
Union: Major General John Pope
Confederate: General Robert E. Lee, Major General Thomas J. Jackson, and Lieutenant General James Longstreet What it looked like robert e lee thomas j jackson Timeframe john pope August 26 Aug. 25 Lieutenant General James Longstreet After dispatching Jackson
north on August 25, Lee
remained in front of Pope’s
army with a force of 30,000
men commanded by General
James Longstreet. The three-day Second Battle of
Bull Run (Manassas) began .
Jackson’s men had been lying
about all day in their defensive
position, munching on goods t
aken from Manassas Junction
the day before while waiting for action Aug. 28, The Union army pounded Jackson’s
strong position all day on August 29
while Longstreet moved his men
into position south of Jackson, and on
the battle’s third day, August 30,
25,000 of Longstreet’s men smashed
into the Union army’s left flank. Aug. 29 Lee had done it again. Twice in the summer of 1862 he won significant victories over larger Union armies, relying on aggressive tactics and the hard fighting spirit of his men August 27 Sept. 12 Jackson’s men were known as “foot cavalry” for their astonishing ability to conduct punishing forced marches, and this time was no exception. In two grueling days they covered 50 miles, attacking the small Union supply depot Bristoe Station, in Pope’s rear Jackson’s men captured the huge Union supply
base at Manassas Junction, gorging themselves
on provisions their famished army lacked, and
loading up on precious medical supplies and
ordnance before burning everything else and
marching northwest into a defensive position on
Stony Ridge. There they waited, convinced
Pope would fall into their trap. They were not
disappointed. The next day August 27 The Second Battle of Bull Run
(Manassas) was about to begin. Well we all know that The second battle of bull run was between the union and the Confederate
armies in northern Virginia in 1862. But........ Did you know? The second battle of bull run was fought bacause abraham lincoln and the union where impatiently waiting to take the capital confederate Richman Virgina to put an early end to the war Lets take it back a little Why? ???? Because either they were leaders of their army or great generals. Outcome The Confederacy(General Robert E. Lee, Major General Thomas J. Jackson, and Lieutenant General James Longstreet) had won the battle although both sides killed so many of the other army that both claimed victory.The Confederacy is granted the historical victory because the Union Army eventually retreated.The result was the Confederates driving the Union side back from the field in a precipitous retreat, and inflicting about 3x the number of casualties as they sustained. My point of view Union Confederate V.S I'm not saying that everyone that fought and risked their lives wasn't important.

everyone who was there and brave whenever this battle happened deserve to be well known like the leaders and generals, but just because we don't know them doesn't mean we don't thank them. :( fire!!! BOOOOOOOOOM!!!! VICTORY
AGAIN!!! CONFEDERATE Category Union Confederate

Total engaged 75,696 48,527

Killed 1,724 1,481

Wounded 8,372 7,627

Missing 5,958 89

Total losses 16,054 (21%) 9,197(19%)
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