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Unit 3: Burning Monkey

No description

Stephen David

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Unit 3: Burning Monkey

Unit 3: Burning Monkey
Character Profiles
1. Monkey
2. Old
3. Shell
4. Musician
Q3. Advice for an Actor (10)
Q1: Entrance of a character (4)
Section B:
This is a written evaluation of your Unit 2 performance.
i.e. How you played your character and why.
Unit 3: Written Exam
1. Entrance of a character (4)
2. Costume (6)
3. Advice for an actor (10)
4a. Staging diagram (4)
4b. Justification of Set Design (16)

What are the important points to note on these characters?

"Research will make you strong"
Q2: Costume - OLD

Draw a basic labelled ground plan of your chosen stage showing only entrances, exits and audience position.

Produce a lighting handout for the rest of the class highlighting the different types of lighting, connotation of colour and specific examples.
Prep: Lighting handout
Question 4b: Justification of set design
Very similar to the advice for an actor question
'Burning Monkey'
'Burning Monkey'

'Burning Monkey'
Character motivation.
Voice. (Ex)
Movement and gesture. (Ex)
Interaction with other characters.
'Burning Monkey'
'Burning Monkey'
Spend the next 10 minutes researching ADHD-
find me a fact which nobody else will.
What is ADHD anyway?
Note: Please print one copy of your prep in colour for me
Facial Expressions!?
You must read the question
Why not highlight the key words?
Movement/gestures/facial expressions AND What this tell me about his character
If Monkey is angry - why is he angry?
Generally answered really well but
don't forget
- Period? 2015?
- Connotation of colour
e.g. Black t-shirt to symbolise loss
- Paragraphs/subtitles
- Interaction - verbal/non verbal/reaction to other actor/
- Sentences
Q4a. Staging diagram
Generally excellent but remember
- You must label your entrances/exits
- Please draw neatly
Mostly unfinished - did you run out of time?
- Paragraphs
- Fill the stage
- How do you decision link with the action in this scene?
- Colour of set?
*Hand back mock papers
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