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The Four Main Branches of Engineering

This about chemical, mechanical,electrical,and civil engineering. It also has a short video about aerospace engineering.

Javion Smith Sanders

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of The Four Main Branches of Engineering

Activity 1.6 Discovering Engineering
By: Javion Smith Sanders

Equipment used for this project.
Engineering Notebook
Computer with internet access

This activity is about the different types of engineering.
What I have learned?
Get ready
What is engineering?
Finding a solution to a problem through visual design.
The four main branches of engineering
Chemical engineering is producing products using chemicals . Chemical make things like paint, fuels, and paper. One problem they face is preventing chemicals from being released into the atmosphere.
Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is the engineering of making houses, buildings, bridges and railways. They also make other stuff like.....
St. Louis Arch

Golden Gate Bridge

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is solving the problems using electricity. They make phones, Mp3s, and the most new communications systems.
Thanks for watching

One new problem electrical engineers are working on is rerouting the current electrical system. This is how you get electricity to your house. The system we have now we have had since the 1940s, and it needs to be replaced .
Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering is involves anything that is mechanical. this involves gears and anything that moves. This expands from bike locks to airplane carriers.

The four major branches of engineering.
Mechanical engineers work in all fields of engineering, including aerospace and electrical engineering.
My chosen engineering field is. .......
Aerospace Engineering !
The average pay of an aerospace engineer is $96,740 according to Nasa.gov

www.discoveringenginneering .com
www.engineeering degreees101.com
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