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Teens Through Time 2000's

No description

Taylor Spallanzani

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Teens Through Time 2000's

The 21st Century
By: Erin McBurnie, Sydney Garofolo, Taylor Spallanzani, and Taylor De Feis

Technology of the 2000's

Fashion of the 2000s

Genres Of the the 2000's
Garage Rock-a raw form of rock n' roll from the perception that many bands preformed in family garages. Influenced by he british invasion as well as grunge music from the 90's .The lyrics were less sophisticated then current pop. Bands usually used a guitar that was head through a fuzzbox.
Examples: Bastille, The 1975, The Neighborhood, Fall Out Boy
Dance Happy Indie-British influence of alternative rock.
Examples: The Kooks, The Strokes, Death Cab For Cutie, The Smiths
Modern R&B-a musical genre that combined soul, rhythm, blues, funk and hip hop
Examples: Beyonce, Usher
Pop- tuneful music that was very trendy and popular (hence the name)
Examples: Black Eyed Peas, Brittany Spears, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake
Music of the 00's
Topping the charts in the 2000's was the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
A national trend is to attend music festivals
Unlike past decades the 2000's had many diverse genres and was a way to express yourself
Presidents of the 00's

The 2000s was a huge breakthrough for technology…
1. The Digital Camera: Snapping a quick picture wasn’t as easy as is seems prior to this technical breakthrough. The Digital camera came about in the 2002 and gave us the ability to freely capture the world around us every day.

2. Social media: instantly and for free we are able to connect with the world around us. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more allow us to share and give information throughout the world. Facebook has currently 350 million users, Youtube has one billion videos and Twitter racks up 25,000 tweets per a minute. All just to share our thoughts and spread information of our current lives.

3. GPS becomes mainstream: GPS makes our everyday lives easier. We are able to find where we need to go in the touch of a few buttons. In May of 2000 this invention allowed the public to track locations and provide turn by turn directions in our cars and cellular devices.

4. Toyota Prius- In July 2000 Toyota Motor Corporation proposed the United States with this fuel saving car. This car especially paved the new path for hybrid cars. In march 2009 Toyota sold 1 million hybrid cars.

5. Wikipedia: On July 15, 2009 Wiki was launched and became a go to side for online research. This website also known as an encyclopedia allows internet users to look up information easily and for free.

Video Link
Advertising in the 2000's was more triggering to the emotions to get a better response from the public
Advertising changed with technology. As technology increased advertiser came up with new ways to incorporate ads with new technology.
Advertisers used bright colors along with well known celebrities to get attention and sell products
The 2000'a offered a wide range of magazines for all ages, like Sports Illustrated, Seventeen, and Martha Stewart
Microsoft, Google, and Apple started to boom
Barack Obama:
-Served: January 20,2009-still in office.
-Political Party: Democratic
-Ordered special forces to kill Osama bin Laden.
Bill Clinton:
-Served: January 20,1993-January 20,2001
- Political Party: Democratic
-Created more than 22 million new jobs during his 8 years of presidency.

George W. Bush:
-Served: January 20,2001-January 20, 2009
-Political Party: Republican
-Went after Al-Qaeda and overthrow the Taliban.

Our President Today
Top Sports Plays of the 00's
2012 Summer Olympics
The U.S took home 104 olympic medals, 46 of them being gold.
Michael Phelps broke a personal record as well as world record when receiving his 20th gold medal and holding onto to his swim tittle twice.
Usain Bolt broke the world record by a tenth of a second in the 100 meter dash.
Derek Jeter announced his retirement after a long career of almost 15 years
Tsuyoshi Shinjo, an outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, becomes the first Japanese player to take part in a World Series game.
Michael Sam is the first gay player to be drafter into the NFL
Fashion Trends

Uggs: an unisex shoe from Australia and New Zealand that is made out of sheepskin.
Crop tops: is a shirt that is cut short to reveal the stomach.
Snap-backs: an adjustable flat brim baseball cap.

Skinny Jeans: slim-fit pants that have a narrow leg hole.

Fashion Links!
Television/Movies of the 00's
The movie has evolved greatly in the past decade…

Movies are on a 24 hours basis and can be streamed through practically any device. Now movies such as Avatar and the Dark Knight draw you in to not only the plot of the story but how it is portrayed on screen digitally. Images have come a long way over the decade and the advancements have created a whole new realm for creativity in movies.

Television has also come a long way...

T.V. has become a consistent action in the 2000s. Posted on a weekly basis television is a large part of our lives. Shows such as breaking bad, family guy, modern family and many more created a breakthrough for a new television following.

Video link
Celebrities/Movie Stars....
Popular Actors
Johnny Depp
-Actor famous for his roles in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Alice in Wonderland.
Leonardo Dicaprio
-Starred in films like Catch Me if You Can, Django unchained, and The Great Gatsby.
Celebrities continued...
Angelina Jolie
-Starred in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and her upcoming movie Malificent, the actress is also famous for her high profile relationship with actor Brad Pitt.
Anne Hathaway
-Famous actress starring in the Princess Diaries 1 and 2, Ella Enchanted, and, Les Miserables.
Famous Couples
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
- co-stars of famous romance movie The Notebook in 2005, the couple broke up in 2009.
The Notebook trailer
Major Historical Events
Barrack Obama
-44th President of the United States
- First African American President to be elected into office
-Elected in 2008, and re-elected in 2012

-Alqueda Attack
-hijackers took control of American Airlines
-Occured on Sept 11, 2001
-Two planes crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center
-The third plane crashed into the Pentagon
-The fourth plane was targeted for Washington D.C. but crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennyslvania
South Tower of World Trade Center Collapsing Video
-During 2000s people started using the internet more frequently
-as technology began to improve, so did the usage new technology
Ex: - In March 2010 alone, there were 10 Billion Google searches in the U.S.
Internet Uses Video
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