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Mueller-O’Keefe Memorial Home and Retirement Village:

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Jenna Rogers

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Mueller-O’Keefe Memorial Home and Retirement Village:

Thank You!
Do you think it's important for MOMHRV to adopt a mission statement? Why or why not?
In what ways can MOMHRV best use its available funds?
In what ways should MOMHRV's develop their future-oriented growth strategies?
What specific long-range plan that includes identification of new services and a capital development plan can Steve Cantwell identify?
How can Cantwell further help the board to decide to take action?
Team E- Kevin DiStefano, Shanterria Fleming,
Christy Munson, Jenna Rogers, and Henry Simons

Mueller-O’Keefe Memorial Home and Retirement Village:
Strategic Planning in a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Provides a vision for where the organization is going
Market current services, rating, and comparison of prices for other retirement facilities in the area
Continuously look for new services to offer that can be beneficial to the community
Develop a financial structure to be utilized to determine the budget for different departments
Evaluate the current procedures, opinions of residents, and facility to find the areas for improvement
Expand services to target the aging population of residents
Enlarge the Alzheimer’s unit to allow for increased care of residents with later stages of disease
Provide adult day care service for persons with Alzheimer’s disease
Develop a master plan for the retirement village to plan for future growth of the retirement village
Expand and modernize personal care unit
Assist the committee by coming up with a plan to accomplish all the priorities and set a specific deadline
Ensure that the committee has a facilitator to organize and ensure that the changes are being implemented effectively
Assign roles and responsibilities to each individual
Meet with the committee, administrator, and financial advisor to gather ideas on the changes they want to make
Ask the committee to make a list of their top priorities
Provides a foundation to help an entity create a culture that is integrated with its overall purpose
Defines the purpose, activities, and values of the organization
Hire an independent financial expert to correct current financial accounts
Expand and modernize current facilities to promote future growth
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