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Cleveland Indians

No description

Terrinn Gilbert

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Cleveland Indians

History of the Indians
The indians are currently 9-2 in spring training
How many world series have the indians won ?
The indians best year in baseball was in 1920 when they got 1st in AL league and won the world series against the Robins.
Cleveland Indians
The team was created on April 24, 1901. The Cleveland Indians won their first world series in 1920 and their 2nd 1948.
Indians Pre-season record

The indians have won 2 world series. The first one they won was in 1920 and the second in 1948.
The indians are in the cenrtral division of Major League Baseball's American League.
The Cleveland Indians have had 2 baseball fields. Jacobs Field and Progressive field. Progressive field's construction began in 1992.
The indians have been a team for 113 years. The team was founded in 1901
From its start on April 24, 1901, Cleveland's American League franchise has reached its 100th anniversary, one of just four Charter A.L. clubs (along with Chicago, Boston, and Detroit) to play continuously in one city. In fact, professional baseball in Cleveland is one of the city's oldest traditions, dating well back into the 19th century and approaching its 134th year in 2002.
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