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Building next generation enterprise application using Servic

No description

Shankar ram

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Building next generation enterprise application using Servic

Enterprise Service Bus
Fallacies of Distributed Computing
The network is reliable.
Latency is zero.
Bandwidth is infinite.
The network is secure.
Topology doesn't change.
There is one administrator.
Transport cost is zero.
The network is homogeneous.
What is a Bus ?
Adopting Bus based Architecture
Publish/Subscribe for Events


Correlated request-response

Eventual Consistency


Difference between Bus and Broker
ESB Jargon's
Broker - hub/spoke
About Me
What will you learn in this session ?
Architecture and Jargon's behind Service Bus

Reasons to choose Service Bus

Patterns of the Bus Architecture

Cost of using Service Bus

Commercial products

You, Me & this Talk
Part of the DS Front Office Edge team.
I am a seasoned developer with most experience in .Net and Microsoft technologies.
My recent interests include Parallel & Distributed systems and Optimal Alogorithms
Reach me here
My Blog - http://shanky.azurewebsites.net/
How many of you made a Remote Procedure call ?

Did you experience this?
I Paid for the ticket online. But I dint get the ticket

How many of you fought with the system admins ?

Have you measured latency between 2 data centers

How many times you have missed a configuration change ?

Any time victim of hacking?

Google - G-mail outage caused by dual network failure

Microsoft - "The service interruption was triggered by a misconfigured network device that disrupted traffic to one cluster in our West Europe sub-region."

GoDaddy - "It was not a 'hack' and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS). We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables."
Do you know that
About You
Building N-Gen Applications using Service Bus
Reliable Messaging
Levels of Message guarantee
Most once
At least once
Exactly once
Standards & Protocols
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)

Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol (STOMP)

Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

Proprietary protocols
Other Forces which lead to ESB
Communication between applications usually creates coupling between them.
In a point-to-point connectivity, the coupling has a quadratic growth. This quadratic growth hampers maintainability, modifiability, and integrability.
Changing the interfaces of proprietary applications is difficult.
Legacy applications don't want to change
A set of agreed-upon message schema's

Command messages

A shared infrastructure for sending bus messages to recipients
What do you Need ?
Things to consider before using Messaging
A Typical ESB structure
Courtesy Wikipedia
It depends on who is accountable
in a Bus, publisher of the event is accountable
“single publishing endpoint per event-type”

in a Broker, subscriber is accountable
Service Bus is not a Silver Bullet.

Is your business ready for eventual concurrency

Increased complexity - arch change

Contract changes impact everyone. ready?

Is broadcast allowed ?
Commercial Products
IBM WebSphere ESB
Mule ESB
JBoss Fuse
Spring Integration
Microsoft BizTalk Server
Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
TIBCO ActiveMatrix
Azure Service Bus
The list is too big.Please go to Wikipedia
Thank You
for any questions
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