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Hunger Games Arena Cell Analogy

No description

Mikey Abela

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Hunger Games Arena Cell Analogy

The Hunger Games Arena: A Cell Analogy
The 74th Annual Hunger Games Arena is a Cell
-Like a cell, the Hunger Games Arena is composed of varying structures and items that allow it to function
-I will explain how varying organelles in an animal cell can be related to components of the 74th Annual Hunger Games arena.
Plasma Membrane : Force Field
-Like a plasma membrane, the arena's force field disables certain people and structures from entering the arena.
-However, necessary beings, like the competitors can enter through the starting tubes, which can be compared to transport proteins that enable items that could not normally pass through the plasma membrane to do so.
Nucleus : Games Control Room
Nucleolus : Cameras
-Like how the nucleus controls the activities of the cell and stores DNA, the control room of the arena determines how events will play out, and uses its gathered and stored information on the competitors and the games themselves to wreak havoc.
-The cameras provide the information the gamemakers in the control require to inflict the most effective damage on the competitors and control the games, like how the nucleolus makes RNA and protein.
Golgi Apparatus : Obstacles Sent by Gamemakers
-Like how the Golgi Apparatus modifies and sends proteins to their next destinations, the obstacles the gamemakers send onto the competitors change the course of direction of the competitors from one that is unfavorable to one that is most favorable for the success of the games, and the entertainment of the viewers.
Cytoplasm : The Ground
-The overall grounds of the arena hold the varying structures like the cornucopia, the competitors, and the obstacles together. Without the ground, everything would just fall endlessly.
-The Cytoplasm similarly holds the organelles in place
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Parachute Gifts
Ribosomes : Sponsors
-Like how the endoplasmic reticulum builds and distributes proteins made by ribosomes throughout the cell, the parachute gifts transfer the items paid for by sponsors to the competitors.
Vacuole : Cornucopia
-Like a vacuole which stores undigested nutrients and water, and controls how much nutrients and water the cell has, the cornucopia stores weapons and materials. The only existing, premade weapons for the game are in or around the cornucopia.
-There are many small vacuoles in an animal cell, just like how there are weapons and goods spread out around the cornucopia, not just one central storage unit.
Lysosomes : Hovercrafts
-Similar to how lysosomes break down macromolecules and destroy bacteria, hovercrafts take dead bodies out of the arena.
-The dead bodies need to be removed and returned home, similar to harmful bacteria that needs to be taken from the cell. Also, this is similar to a lysosome breaking down a molecule, as the hovercrafts break down the group of competitors by taking some competitors away.
Mitochondria : Tributes
-Like how the cell's mitochondria produces ATP to drive the cell's work, the competitors produce the desire to win, which enables the competition and fighting to occur.
Centrioles : Winners
-Similar to the centrioles' function of producing fibers that separate the cell when it divides, the winners force the government to create a new arena. This is a process similar to cell division, as there is a new arena made out of this process.
Thank you!
Made by Mikey Abela
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