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Geography Fieldwork

No description

Geog Fieldwork

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Geography Fieldwork

Geography Fieldwork
Pagoda Street

1. The more eating establishments there are in the area, the more popular the area becomes
2. Pagoda Strees is perceived by most locals as an area with little/authentic Chinese experience
Difficulties looking for tourists and locals to interview
Locals were not cooperative, resulting in unwanted time loss
Shop owners did not allow photographs to be taken
Did not take note of the 2nd and 3rd floors
Reasons for visiting Chinatown
Venues tourists found attractive
Services used by tourists
Effects of eating establishments on tourists
Pictures showing presence of authentic Chinese experience
Pedestrian count of Pagoda Street
Land use survey of Pagoda Street
Ang Yun Xuan (1)
Cheryl Leow (4)
Ng Li Hui (21)
Kelly Sin (31)
Luanne Tan (33)
Data collected during fieldwork
Presence of Chinese 'Feel'
Absence of Chinese 'Feel'
Pictures with presence of Chinese 'feel'
Pictures with absence of Chinese 'feel'
This picture of a famous BBQ meat shop is present in both groups as they used variations of the snack (Eg. Bak kwa with cheese) which is not traditional. It is altered to fit the non-locals' taste
Inference for Hypothesis 1
1. The third most popular reason for visiting Chinatown is for food. (18%)
2. The second most attractive component of Chinatown is the cuisine. (25%)
3. Only 30% of the tourists patronised the eating outlets in Chinatown.
4. 60% of the tourists would not be attracted to visit a place with more eating establishments.

1. The more eating establishments there are in the area, the more popular the area becomes
Inference for Hypothesis 2
1. There was an equal number of locals who felt that there was/was not authentic Chinese experience at Pagoda Street.

However, there was a Chinese Heritage Centre located along Pagoda Street.
2. Pagoda Street is perceived by most locals as an area with little/limited authentic Chinese experience
The number of eating establishments in the area does not affect the popularity of the place. The data does not support the hypothesis.
However, we realised that most tourists visited Chinatown for shopping purposes. Hence, we concluded that the number of shopping outlets in the area affected the popularity of the area.
Insert conc
Seafood restaurant
German bar
Spas and massages
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