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Japanese Business Culture FB

No description

Florea Bogdan

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Japanese Business Culture FB

Myths YES NO!!! Business Culture They are very polite
joyful to meet you joyful to meet you and try their best
to make you happy Domo Arigato!! Thank you!!! Come Back Soon Function as a group Decisions the highest rank details Risk free family school work society 30 years Executive Position junior manager departmental
manager divisional general
manager Fluent English Japanese More directly Comfortable Business Etiquettes Bowing Meishi Attire Business clothes Dark suit Flat shoes Minimal accessories Slip-on Shoes It is
Permitted It is Forbidden You may shake hands The lower you bow,the more respect you show 15 degrees After you bow present I am proud of my company Build strong relationships Outsider Insider Uchi Sato They can express themselves freely You get to see the real person They can say whatever is on their mind There are no repercussions You need 5 years of activity in Japan,
before you can start making profit. Distributors demand 50%-70%
of your revenue Bilingual staff costs twice as much. You can’t fire employees Too few dare to invest in Japan SALARYMAN Thank You!
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