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Heather Erikson

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of ASNIC CLUBS 2013

Requirements, Risk Management, Forms, Travel, Advertising, Time scheduling, Conflict Resolution.....And an incredibly rewarding experience where students engage, learn and grow.
Advisorship 101

Sure I will be your Advisor....
Role as and Advisor
 Stewardship
o Budget Responsibilities
 Diversity
o Clubs offer students an opportunity to tell their story, to be creative and exposure to new perspectives, and experiences.
 Student Success
o Retention, Students who are engaged on campus are more likely to complete their goals.
 Educational Excellence
o Help foster a culture of educational excellence, encourage your students to utilize academic resources (peer tutoring, career services, Etc.)
 Community Engagement
o Facilitator of student involvement, Ideas, Motivation, Conflict Resolution, Risk Management.

Effective Advising
 Be an educator; challenge your students
 Facilitate goal development of the group
 Know the members of the organization
 Be sincerely committed to the organization
 Be available and approachable to the members
 Provide appropriate feedback
 Guide the group to success - share in their success and failures
 Be open to learning yourself
 Know resources available to you and your group
 Have FUN!

Changes This Year
Funding Available: Project Grants and Leadership grants

Teambuilding Experience with the Challenge Course

Leadership Summit: November 9th

Advisors Must Travel with club on trips

Activities Request form; Updates

Updated Club Handbook
What you need to know

•Apply for ICC grants and funding through FAST
•Receive $150 to start club
•Utilize campus facilities at no cost
•Advertise on campus bulletin boards, NIC website, Facebook, campus screen savers, banner space, table tents, NIC college calendar, and other official outlets
•Access the ASNIC club room in SUB 220 and use the supplies (computers, etc.) for free
•Fundraise as an official entity…to solicit monies on campus and utilize resources in the NIC foundation office
•Receive invitations for student development opportunities
Eligible for ASNIC Club of the Year Awards
Teambuilding/Challenge Course experience

ASNIC Club Requirements
Activities Form -for Everything!
ICC Meetings
Membership Requirements – Each club or organization must maintain a minimum of three (3) currently enrolled fee-paying North Idaho College students
Club Officers – All club and organization officers must be enrolled fee-paying students at North Idaho College
Annual Requirements –Updated Membership List and Budget estimate
Student Code of Conduct – All clubs and organizations must comply with North Idaho College’s policies and Student Code of Conduct
All club policies procedures and actions must follow North Idaho College’s Non-Discriminatory Policy: North Idaho College is committed to its policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-era veteran. This policy applies to education programs, services, and facilities, and includes, but is not limited to, admissions, employment, and access to programs and services.
All clubs must be open to all students.
Sporting clubs have additional requirements to address risk management policies
ICC Funding
The Funding Approval Student Taskforce (FAST) is the mechanism by which student organizations may request funds from the ASNIC ICC funds.

Project Grants- intended to support clubs fulfill their mission, such as events on campus, volunteer projects, supplies and materials.
Leadership Grants- available for clubs seeking leadership development opportunities including, but not limited to, conference registration, educational opportunities, hosting guest speakers, club retreats, individual and team building activities (such as leadership assessments).

Funding Approval Student Taskforce
FAST Meetings – All clubs and organizations must attend the first FAST meeting in September. Meetings are held the third Tuesday in the month as established by the ICC Chair.
FAST–Comprised of the ICC Chairperson, three ICC representatives, an alternate ICC representative, and two ASNIC representatives. These representatives will serve on FAST September to May.

Elections: The ICC chair will facilitate elections at the meeting on the third Tuesday in September.

Each club can nominate one person to serve on FAST. That person will be responsible for serving the full term. In the event a person cannot fulfill their term a new person will be elected at the next ICC meeting.

The ASNIC representatives will be nominated by ASNIC Student Government by the third Tuesday in September. They will abstain from voting in matters that impact clubs in which they are members

Questions asked by FAST
• How much will the purpose of the funding benefit the whole campus?
• How many students in the club will this benefit?
• How much fundraising has been done for this purpose?
• How active has the club been on campus?
• How much has the club participated in ICC?
• How many students are actively participating in the club?

Requesting Funds
Risk Management /Travel
All ASNIC recognized clubs must adhere to North Idaho College’s Risk Management policies.
All participants in sporting clubs must show proof of health insurance.
Advisors must travel with clubs
Always do an Activities form
Contracts and Insurance Certs.

And a few more things....
Cash handling

Fundraising Events
Off Campus Soliciting

Schedule a teambuilding experience:
Clubs can choose from the Group Development Package 2 hours, or Adventure Package 3-4 hours.

Wednesday, October 9 11:30-1:00 Sub Plaza. ASNIC clubs will be available to answer questions, promote their clubs purpose and recruit new participants. ASNIC will have a prize drawing available for attendees.

NEW! Student Leadership Summit
Saturday, Nov. 9 – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm – (SUB) Registration is required. This event is free. This is a leadership opportunity for ASNIC Club participants. The summit will include speakers, workshops and leadership development activities to aid participants in strengthening their personal and club leadership.

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