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Intersections of Oppression

African-American women

The Movement

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Intersections of Oppression

Intersections of Oppression African American women by Adrianna Harrell Group Norms Take care of yourself Common Understanding Have fun! A network, or a system, of advantages and disadvantages that exists between social groups. In other words, it is something that privileges one group at the expense of another Oppression What are some forms of oppression? Racism
Ableism Activity Consider this... African American
Single Mom
Low socioeconomic status White
College student
Fraternity Member
Heterosexual If they are both the victim of a hate crime,
how might their decision to report be
impacted by their respective identities? How do the forms of oppression intersect? Historic examples...
Civil Rights/Women's Movement
Other? Closing thoughts Due to the complexity of intersections,
we cannot fight one form of oppression
without addressing them all. We can all have an impact in
reducing the intersections of oppression...
but HOW? Creating awareness in spheres of influence
Not supporting negative portrayals of women of color
Activisms-respond to ads, letters to the editor
Internal attitudes-awareness and intentional redirection of oppressive thoughts You all are awesome!
Thanks so much! :)
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