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Volcano - Celine

No description

Nancy Torchiano

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Volcano - Celine

What causes a volcano?
What is a volcano? A volcano is like a mountain that can erupt.
When a volcano erupts, magma comes out the top.
When the earth's plates move apart from each other and pressure builds, it causes an eruption.
What To Do During A Volcano Eruption:
If you are trapped indoors you should close all windows, doors, and dampers.
Put all machinery inside a garage or barn.
Bring animals into closed shelters.
Follow the evacuation orders issued by authorities and evacuate right away to avoid flying debris, hot gases, and lava flow.
What To Do Before A Volcano Erupts:
If a volcano is going to erupt,you should plan an evacuation route, taking the highest ground to escape the effects of the eruption.
Have a backup route planned as well.
Determine how you you will contact your own family if you get separated during an evacuation.
Stock up on supplies,such as a flashlight and batteries
What To Do After A Volcano Erupts:
What is the effect of a volcano erupting?
Turn off all the heating, fireplaces and air conditioners.
Wear goggles to protect your eyes from any kind of ash.
Always replace disposable furnace filters or clean permanent furnace filters frequently.
When a volcano erupts lava, rocks and gases comes out of the top.
Buildings, homes and farms can be burned down.
The sky gets very dark with gases.
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