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Smithsonian- American history museum

No description

Alyssa ruiz

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Smithsonian- American history museum

Why you should visit
The smithsonian has rare artifacts and items from america's history.
The Smithsonian Musuem has 3.3 million objects and counting.
When it started
The museum opened in January 1964
It was first named National Museum of History and Technology but was renamed the National Museum of American History in October 1980
The smithsonian is one of the most popular sites in DC.
5 million people visited the smithsonian in 2013.
More items include..
One of two telephones used by Alexander Graham used in 1876
On display is the Abiocor Artificial heart.
a collection of early american automobiles including a 1926 Ford model T.
Nintendo Gameboy released in 1989
Websites used
Some items inlcude:
Ruby slippers, shrunken heads, dinosaur poop, poison darts, barf bags, insect eggs, astronaut boots, old advertisements, tribal textiles, and more!
Smithsonian- American history museum
Alyssa Ruiz

more than 12,000 cubic feet of documents recording the history , of science technology, and flight are housed in the musuem's archives.
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