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Vancity Digital Marketing Analysis

No description

Angelie Suarez

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Vancity Digital Marketing Analysis

Digital Marketing Analysis
Online Customer Analysis
Target Market
Marketing Mix Analysis cont'd.
Committed to giving customers an excellent online experience
Customer Experience Analysis cont'd.
Company Overview
Customer Analysis
Marketing Mix Analysis
Customer Experience Analysis
Information Architecture Analysis
Angelie + Ericko + Guilherme + Harpreet + Yasmina
Company Overview
Business Model & Revenue Streams
Marketing Mix Analysis cont'.d
Varies according to user type
Information provided in terms of time periods
Marketing Mix Analysis
Customer Experience Analysis
Company Overview cont'd.
Goals & Objectives
Marketing Mix Analysis cont'd.
currently attempting to differentiate the brand
Online Value Proposition
Position on the Value Chain
B2C & B2B co-operative credit union.
Help customers to build their future while helping their communities.
Financial provider to businesses and customers.
Create value-based banking and a positive impact for customers and the community.
Core product: online banking
Extended product: guarantees, product selection
Vancity blog
Full and mobile version of website
Partnerships with ClimateSmart, Credit Union, & HSBC
Vancity app
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Use of cookies to track session information.
Learnable & memorable experience
6th best Canadian financial institution for online banking.
environmental conscience
community involvement
online ads
"In the Media"
"Awards and Recognition"
"Media Releases"
"Additional News"
Social Media
Digital Consumer Behaviour
Source: http://www.sfu.ca/~vbade
Source: https://www.vancity.com/Banking/WaysToBank/MobileBanking/iphone/
1. Provide online customer support through live chat.

2. Add personalized recommendations to help increase efficiency.

3. Develop a mobile app for android devices.

4. Keep online promotional campaigns (paid & owned media).

5. Maintain the high usability and efficiency of website.
Navigation &
Broad and shallow approach = fewer clicks to arrive at the information
Navigation consistency
Steady interface throughout the site
Smooth flow using memory aids
Optimized for “online banking”
Keyphrase – ranking
Headings and subheadings key words
Organization &
Clear and direct
Easy to use
Standard look across different sections of the site:
common typography
same backgrounds
similar borders and margins
Structural Design
Vancity's Wireframe for Similar Page Group
25 - 45 year old community-minded, environmentally conscious individuals
1. Financial Literacy
2. Stage in the Debt Cycle
3. Financial Management Approach
degree of technology engagement
consumer’s speed of technology adoption
Customer Insight for Vancity
MRKT 2111 R10
Key Pointe Usability Consulting, Inc.

increase the percentage of assets invested in impact by at least 30%
Vancity 2012 Objectives
increase the number of net active members by at least 31,000
prepare Annual Report content leading to standards of transparency
establish measures to help the company understand how Vancity impacts member well-being
employee engagement score is at least 75%
return on average members' equity is 6.1%
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