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Surface Runoff-Biology

Kyle Hayes

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Runoff

Surface Runoff Precipitation falls on the land, flows overland, and runs into rivers, which then empty into oceans There are many factors affecting runoff such as:
Type of precipitation
Rainfall amount
Distribution of rainfall Meteorological Factors Effecting Runoff:
Type of precipitation
Rainfall intensity
Rainfall amount
Rainfall duration
Distribution of rainfall
Temperature Physical Characteristics Effecting Runoff:
Land Use
Soil Type
Drainage area
Slope of Land
Other Bodies of water People building roads too close to the river will make the flow of runoff much quicker to where there is no seepage. No seepage means that flooding will happen faster. People will then not be able to drive on the roads that people built to drive on. Fact: Only about one third of the precipitation that falls over land runs off into streams and rivers and is returned to the oceans The End
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