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North Shore Environmental Construction INC.

No description

Nicolette Hitzke

on 23 May 2018

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Transcript of North Shore Environmental Construction INC.

Expert, timely service delivery with project manager oversight on every job
The NSEC Team
Extensive experience working with local, state and federal regulators so that you don’t have to worry about compliance issues
Long-term relationships
with a variety
of specialized providers that is likely to be able
to offer you better service and lower overhead.

Employees with an extensive array of training that’s updated regularly.

Project managers on the job to ensure that the project runs smoothly and follows established protocols

A track record of 5000 successful projects—including innovative solutions

Have completed a wide range of training programs and are certified in a
variety of key areas

Have cross-trained for all North Shore service areas

Have specialized skills
that range from general construction to training
as hazardous material technicians

Have project manager oversight on every job

Have more than 20 years of environmental experience

Extensive incident management knowledge

Have ongoing training and certification in a wide variety of areas

Have the knowledge and skills to effectively perform every project task

Have excellent working relationships with regulatory providers and extensive knowledge of regulatory/ compliance issues

Have a “best of the best” network of resources
and support
NSEC has established a network of proven outside partners that can offer
the specific equipment, training and expertise
your job calls for.

Partners in demolition, asbestos management, engineering oversight and specialty equipment
and personnel
The experience and resources to provide a wide variety of environmental management services.

"Our success relies upon using our skills, expertise and experience to exceed the expectation of our clients while protecting their vital interests and the environment."
NSEC successful?

Choose North Shore and you’ll get:
Pre-site analysis (when appropriate)
Cost effective solutions
Comprehensive regulatory reporting
Our Employees:
Our Project Managers:
Our Partners:
Who is NSEC?
What makes
Developed from an extensive safety
and job hazard analysis that covers
the hazards and personnel safety associated with the project.
Health & Safety Plans
Employee & Manager Training Certifications
OSHA Training Certification

√Wisconsin Department of Commerce Certifications

WDNR Certifications

Health & Safety Preparation and Training
Site map
List of site contaminants
Material safety data sheets (MSDS) for site-specific chemicals
Site-specific work hazards
Information about nearest medical emergency locations/phone number
Medical monitoring & surveillance
Service Equipment
Specialty Equipment
Transportation chemical spills
Manufacturing, chemical or industrial fires
Hazardous demolition
Abandon containers, chemical identification, packaging, transportation & disposal
Acid/caustic materials neutralization
Petroleum spills
PCB spill clean-up and decontamination
Mercury spill clean up and decontamination
Transformer spill clean-up
Pipeline and bulk plant spills
Emergency Response

Contaminated soil & groundwater remediation
Contaminated sediment removal/dewatering
In situ soil treatment
Site restoration/erosion control
Shooting range remediation/heavy metal treatment
Soil stabilization/encapsulation
Soil vapor extraction
Wetlands restoration
Groundwater treatment
Hydro excavating
Tank removal

Industrial pressure washing: cold/hot water or steam
AST/UST cleaning and removal
Hoist and elevator decommissioning and removal
Tank, duct and line cleaning
Universal waste collection packaging and recycling
Bulk and non-bulk waste disposal
Electrical equipment decommissioning
Cleaning of vaults, pits, trenches, manholes, structures and silos (using confined space entry when necessary)
Industrial Services

Frac tanks and storage vessels
Shooting range remediation and lead stabilization
Remedial system installation, repair and maintenance
Monitoring well abandonment
Air monitoring for worker exposure issues
Environmental Services
Tank Management
Confined Space

Incident response and interface with all regulatory agencies to establish spill clean-up protocols
Level D, C, B, and A response capabilities
Field sampling
Mercury spill clean up
Mercury facility decontamination
Mercury Air Monitoring
Mercury Spill Clean-up
Complete project documentation check
Case Study #1
Case Study #2
Case Study #3
Excavation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soils
Removal and disposal of liquid contamination via vac truck or pumps
Decontamination of structures, equipment, buildings, tanks, vaults which may include confined space entry
Emergency containment services, providing portable, drums, totes, tanks, booms
Hazardous and special waste transportation and disposal
North Shore Environmental Construction's goal is to provide our clients with a higher level of responsiveness, service and safety for hazardous materials response and remediation.
Waste Management

Waste identification and characterization
Profiling and manifesting
Hazardous and nonhazardous waste stream management
Licensed hazardous waste and solid waste transportation services
Bulk and non-bulk (both liquids and solids)
Mercury disposal
PCB disposal
Lab packs
Universal waste – collection and disposal
Services offered:
Services offered:
Line or facility-wide shutdown/ decommissioning
Hazardous demolition
Duct and air handling equipment cleaning
Mercury and HEPA vacuuming
Sand blasting
Dry ice blasting
Sampling to identify hazardous contaminants
Removal, packaging, transportation and disposal of universal and electronics for recycling
Services offered:
E-waste/electronics – collection and disposal
Waste water treatment
IDW/purge water/soil cuttings
Multiple disposal/recycling options – including recycling, fuels blending, incineration, chemical treatment, wastewater treatment and secure landfilling*
Services offered:

Preparation of cost estimates and bid specifications for decommissioning and acquisition projects
Electrical & transformer decommissioning
Pit, vault and tank decontamination
Drum overpack and disposal
Brownfield cleanups
Mold investigations and remediation
WPDES compliance sampling
Emergency spill control planning and management
Waste transportation and disposal
Wetland Restoration
Underground and aboveground tank removal
In-place tank closure
Hazardous and non-hazardous product tanks
Complete site remediation and restoration from leaking tanks
Tank cleaning
Liquid pump out and disposal
Permitting and registration
Site closure assessments
Hoist removal
Underground vaults
Catch Basins
Process vessels
Storage bins
Mercury device or component (universal waste) collection and disposal
Mercury contaminated waste disposal and transportation
Regulatory closure report preparation and submittal
Mercury Pivot Bearing Decommissioning
Heavy Equipment
Services offered:
Services offered:
Expertise includes:
Services offered:
Tripods and davits
Safety harnesses
Winches & retractable lifelines
Airline cascade system
Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
Quad-gas meters & PID
Entry permits
Services offered:
Disposal of the Center Pivot Bearing associated with trickling filters at the Dubuque Waste Water treatment facility
Improper handling and assessment of the mercury seals in the bearings by a local contractor resulted in a catastrophic disaster
OSHA levied fines against several contractors and against the City of Dubuque
Resulted in 65 million dollar plant renovation that took approximately 6 months to complete
Dubuque Waste Water Plant
Columbus Chemical Fire
The fire was the result of an electrical failure and is one of Wisconsin's worst chemical fires in history.
Approximately 60 regulatory agencies from surrounding counties including EPA Region V and WDNR were involved.
The site activities included emergency containments constructed around the facilities, site stabilization (neutralizing acids), removal of thousands of gallons of contaminated water for off-site disposal, removal of burned structures and removal of contaminated soils for off-site disposal.
NSEC assisted with the coordination of cleanup activities with the property owner, insurance companies, adjacent property owners and regulatory agencies.
NSEC completed the decommissioning (cleaning, removal &closure) of approximately 120 Chemical AST's and process piping and process equipment including four reactors.
The tanks ranged in size from 18,000 gallons to 45,000 gallons.
North Shore utilized their own high pressure steam cleaning and specialized tank cleaning equipment.
The project took approximately seven months to complete successfully.
Bulk Plant Decommissioning
For more information, please visit our website at:
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